Review: Phat!Company – Senran Kagura Hibari

Well another post nearing the end of the year. But this won’t be an end, this will be a start as i have finally started jumping into the static scale figure realm. But do note that suddenly out of nowhere one of my flood light’s bulb died… hence the poor and weird lighting… So let’s review Review Phat Company’s Senran Kagura (閃乱カグラ) – Hibari (雲雀). Continue reading “Review: Phat!Company – Senran Kagura Hibari”

Preorders: Kotobukiya Kashiwazaki Sena

肉 stole my soul… the first static scale figure i ordered… @_@ So let’s take a look at the one that stole my soul, yet again… Kotobukiya Kashiwazaki Sena from Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai.

Kotobukiya Kashiwazaki Sena Continue reading “Preorders: Kotobukiya Kashiwazaki Sena”