Pre-Orders : Frame Arms Girl – Innocentia

Animal Ears, Tails and Accessories OH MY~

Well, kotobukiya strikes again ladies and gents… I present you, the Frame Arms Girl, Innocentia. Just like materia she carries nothing, but a base body. But personally i think she carries more than Materia, let’s check her out.

frame arms girls innocentia

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News: Preorders Figma Shielder – Matthew Kyrielight

You know what, goddamn this…

You know what, god damn this. I was just this close of moving on from figmas cause their price recently oddly enough skyrocketed in their latest preorders like prinz eugen and kashima… and now THIS happened…

I did not expect this, at all. But you know what, I’ll grab it anyway.

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Returning From A Long Slumber Pt. 2

What the hell did i typed here in the previous post?

So basically what else is new? Well come on in.

Well I’ve returned to managing my group, which has changed from a busou shinki specific group to a more broader one. Besides we all know that konami is a dick at this point. Through contacts and contacts our new group managed to befriend the local CM of Kotobukiya and one of our members displayed their customs at Koto’s booth.

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Pre-Release: Figma Dead Master TV Animation Ver.

Hello, Miho here bringing you news of figures that Master are planning to get. And guess what? This is something Master has been waiting for. So let’s check it out, news on Pre-Release: Figma Dead Master TV Animation Ver. Edited the post on where to get her. Continue reading “Pre-Release: Figma Dead Master TV Animation Ver.”

Mash-up Post: Preorders, Thoughts and Line Shifting

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