Pre-Orders : Frame Arms Girl – Innocentia

Animal Ears, Tails and Accessories OH MY~

Well, kotobukiya strikes again ladies and gents… I present you, the Frame Arms Girl, Innocentia. Just like materia she carries nothing, but a base body. But personally i think she carries more than Materia, let’s check her out.

frame arms girls innocentia

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News: Preorders Figma Shielder – Matthew Kyrielight

You know what, goddamn this…

You know what, god damn this. I was just this close of moving on from figmas cause their price recently oddly enough skyrocketed in their latest preorders like prinz eugen and kashima… and now THIS happened…

I did not expect this, at all. But you know what, I’ll grab it anyway.

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Preorder: Figma Chihaya Kisaragi – IdolM@ster

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News: Revoltech Raiden – Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

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News: D-Arts Elizabeth

Good day readers, Miho here and with a rather quick and … shocking news… Master has yet again preordered something he really wanted, so lets take a look at what he got himself into. This is Tamashii Nations/Bandai’s D-Arts Elizabeth from Persona 3. Continue reading “News: D-Arts Elizabeth”