Points of Interest

Today i’m going to share Master’s latest choices in figures. Continue to read on and see what goes on with him in the background. Continue reading “Points of Interest”

Thoughts of A Collector

I apologize that since the blog is still going through changes, there isn’t much of the usual review/comic contents. That, however gave me time to think about a certain issue. An issue most collectors, I’m certain, also faced once or is still facing. Continue reading “Thoughts of A Collector”

The Liebster Blog Awards – His Personal Joy Style~

First of all i would like to thank you SomewhatMystia for awarding me with a Liebster Blog Award on her post here. So as per tradition of the Liebster Blog Awards, this is my turn to pass on such awards.

Be prepared, as this will be a long one, 20 panels worth with no pagination 😀

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