Pre-Release: Chogokin Saber

Bandai Chogokin Saber

I have spent a long while without any news of a figure I’m interested in, but lo and behold. Bandai once again uses its bear trap on me, let’s take a look at Bandai’s 超合金 (Chogokin) Saber. Continue reading “Pre-Release: Chogokin Saber”


The Liebster Blog Awards – His Personal Joy Style~

Liebster Blog Awards - His Personal Joy Style

First of all i would like to thank you SomewhatMystia for awarding me with a Liebster Blog Award on her post here. So as per tradition of the Liebster Blog Awards, this is my turn to pass on such awards.

Be prepared, as this will be a long one, 20 panels worth with no pagination 😀

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