Blog Buddies Link Exchange

Link Exchange

What is Exchanging Links / Link Exchange?

Link exchange is a common thing among fellow bloggers, the exchange would strengthen friendship, add our blog back links, increase traffic and PageRank (google ranks sites based standard), it also can be said link exchange is an activity of symbiotic mutualism an activity that is a win-win among fellow bloggers, for automatically increasing popularity of our blog.

Bloggers that are exchanging links will get various advantages, among them; that the link exchanged sites can be well indexed by search engines. So sites that exchanged links will have greater possibility to be read by search engines like google. Also link exchange can also increase the level or rank on the site.

What are the benefits of Exchanging Links / Link Exchange?

Benefits of exchange links include:

  • Getting a lot linkpartner on your blog;
  • Blog rankings in the SERP increases;
  • Getting a lot of anchor text from other blogs;
  • Increase visitors to your blog;
  • Increase PageRank of your blog;
  • Getting backlinks from many blogs;

Well with that said, immediately exchange links with fellow bloggers. In exchanging links with this blog, there are no special requirements, either low or high pageranked blogs, new or old blogs, because for me, the benefits of link exchanging is more of a mutual interest in getting more views to our blogs and meeting up with new bloggers that will someday becomes a great friendship

I do however sort out blogs that will be displayed on my list, the primary approval are given to the anime, action figure niche. The secondary are the Japan related or Japanese culture niche. Then the rest are the et ceteras.

Fill the form in the link below to exchange links.

Link Exchange Form

And if you’re fine with it you can also post my banners and links at your site ^ o^

My Banners and Text Links page


15 Replies to “Blog Buddies Link Exchange”

  1. Hi there ! I was a follower of nyotaku and I stumbled upon these “link exchanges” ^_^ I got your banner on my site now but I modified the size a bit if its alright @@ Just to proportion it with nyotaku’s banner size >.>

    Anyways I’m looking forward to meeting fellow anime / collector enthusiast ^_^ Thank You


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