About Me

Batara Yamadipati

About me Basically I started this website just as a way to display my hobby, which is collecting action figures. You know this is not the first time i dive into the hobby world, back in the days when i was still in junior high, i delve into the the world of PlaMos or Plastic Model Kits, mostly gundams.

I loved it but it was not long lasting due to some posability issues that Plastic Model Kits have and pre-college issues and other neccessities. So after i graduated from high school it stopped.

Well turns out years later, after i started to cook and finally owned my own restaurant, i’m in the same spot once again, but this time its not Plastic Model Kits, but action figures.

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9 Replies to “About Me”

  1. You have your own restaurant?

    When was a child I had have goals to establish my own restaurant. Because, I saw my late grandfather had his own restaurant. But, I’m very bad at cooking. So, that desire become memory (_ _”)/

    May I know, your restaurant serves what kind of food?

    traditional food? or fast food?


    1. Well for starters those picture thumbs in the featured image header are auto generated from a Photoshop Action Script i made from a tutorial. Now all i need to do is insert the pic and photoshop will auto tilt, effect, crop etc. XD


  2. only for curiosity, Yama-san. do you Like saint seiya?

    I was Here seeing if SS Omega Cloth Myths will appear, but still nothing. Is in your plans to get Cloth Myth/revoltech/figma/whatever of Yuna, new Eagle’s/Aquilla’s, Saint girl?


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