Moving out ~

First of all, this is not a closure. This is FAR from the end.

Due to me being a creator and also a community manager of Mecha Musume Indonesia and other hobby related things, I decided to move out of wordpress.

Not because of schedule, but i needed a platform i can use on the go and quicker to post / share. So i decided to move my home out to facebook.

I will be checking this place every once in a while and all post will not be deleted. But new content shall be both on the facebook page and / or the other blog.

The reason i chose facebook is basically due to accessibility and ease of integration with ads because as time grows im sure i need to be able to provide access for either sponsors and / or hobby stores / companies to advertise on my blog.

That and our community at Mecha Musume Indonesia are already has good relations with a certain toy company.

We’ve been displaying our member’s modifications and creations in AFAiD since last year, this year (hopefully) will be no different.

If you want to be featured in the blogroll page there (a page and sidebar where i display links to other blogs) just mail me at   p a s c a l i s m a r i a @ g m a i l [ d o t ] c o m   with the image you want in the button / thumbnail and a short excerpt of what your blog is, make sure to write “blog roll” in the subject 😀

See you at Toy AMP! facebook page and the new blog at ToyAMP! 😀


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