Holy shit on a burning stick, she’s up for grabs!!! So come on, take a look at figma Tracer, GSC’s first overwatch figma.

To be honest I’m not that good of an overwatch player, and my aim is 7/10 (so naturally i sucked balls as tracer, not because of her aim but because i just blinked at the wrong time for the wrong reasons), but damn her proto looks good.

Figma Tracer

tbh, i was hoping for a leage of legends figma first but apparently riot decided that yasuo is a region limited item… so yeah f*** that.

Seeing Lena as a figma really made me smile 😀 , add to that her figma seems to be able to achieve some if not almost every “cliche” pose of hers.

Hell they even included that sticky pulse bomb of hers 😀

Will you get it? I know i will, you can grab her at AmiAmi.com as usual for ¥5570. Don’t worry about order cuts, GSC is not bandai lol.


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