Returning Can Be A Hard Thing

Returning to active blogging can be a hard thing, especially when you’ve lost the groove to being inactive as long as i do.

But it’s not impossible, the reason i stopped blogging for a while was due to a very active job that i have. However as soon i will change jobs (again) to a more time flexible one, i can start with my hobbies again and with blogging.

It was not always so, however, at first i wanted to make a show on youtube (just to make a side extra) to replace blogging, but the equipment i needed to start was not available (at that moment).

Then i have a spare microphone and an audio interface to start a podcast. Then i thought even if i do start, where am i going to distribute it. The confusion from work, starting a video and audio show and from restarting the blog piled up and none of them ended up being done.

So finally i returned here, and thought, should just put everything here and work from the blog forward. Else i won’t start with any at all.

As for collecting toys, nothing really changed much as you can see I still major in Mecha Musumes and a bit of something on the sides.

I’ll continue this post tomorrow, too tired at the moment.

Oh, Almost forgot, Welcome to old followers and new, i hope that whatever post i made, be it comics, podcasts or video may contribute to you having a generally good day 🙂


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