Pre-Orders : Frame Arms Girl – Innocentia

Well, kotobukiya strikes again ladies and gents… I present you, the Frame Arms Girl, Innocentia. Just like materia she carries nothing, but a base body. But personally i think she carries more than Materia, let’s check her out.

frame arms girls innocentia

Seeing from the base body you can see there are a lot of points of articulation, oddly enough she carries the later form of leg and thigh joint. Speaking of which she is the only one so far whose “flesh” foot are toed… Interesting

frame arms girls innocentia

As you can see from the back she does sport the same plug as Materia. But her best feature… is what comes with her…

frame arms girls innocentia

That’s right, kemonomimi for days … and to top it off…

frame arms girls innocentia

She gets a bushy tail *das kyoot*

She also sport another set of arms and legs for those who prefer not going bareskinned.

frame arms girls innocentia

Not only that but she also comes with parts for those who are doll-inclined. Meaning with these extra parts you won’t have problems putting doll outfits on your Innocentia.

And here are some more pics.

So make sure you get at AmiAmi for 4000Y 😀 Stay tuned to this post for more info. Me personally? I’m definitely getting her.


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