Returning From A Long Slumber

Some people think i died, in some cases that might not be completely wrong. But what have i done, where have i been. Come, sit down and stay a while.

After a certain issue that forced me to be away from, pretty much everything i came back to what seems to be a bundle of disorder and chaos… As apparent from the last post which for some odd reason made its way here.

What of the girls, the shinki, everything? Well I’m glad to announce that they’re all just doing fine, although my absence has left them unpowered and asleep. But you know what the best part was? I came back to a situation i have never expected before. Not only that my disappointment to konami was justified (apparently the bastards are somewhat dead in the action figure and video game circuit), I was welcomed to a whole new line from makers i expected and some from unexpected ones…

kotobukiya afaid 2016

Kotobukiya continued the mecha musume genre i liked so much and not only that, they choose to make it into model kits, which i appreciate because that will give me a level of customizations greater than buying a ready-made product.

MoMo Basic Style Normal Colored (Orca Vol.02) Head Type Hi-Rirdine Action Figure

This unexpected line of beauties come from Original Effect… (i know right? thats as random as it gets) brandishing them as Haute-Couture Mobile Movement Stylish Mechs. In short; stylish, sexy, sleek, posable mecha musumes.

Desktop Army H-819s Chrom Series 6Pack BOX

And then we have these cute little bastards, Desktop Armies from Megahouse. Small cute little bastards.

… But alas the post has to end here it’s pretty late as i’ve written this. So come again for the second part of the story and post. As always glad to have you all back.


2 Replies to “Returning From A Long Slumber”

    1. Thank you for commenting and sorry for the log wait 😀 I’m still waiting for baselard to arrive. And from previous hands on experience on toy fairs i can say that they are a sturdy snapfit. Thats why i’m gonna customize mine when it arrives XD


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