Returning From A Long Slumber Pt. 2

So basically what else is new? Well come on in.

Well I’ve returned to managing my group, which has changed from a busou shinki specific group to a more broader one. Besides we all know that konami is a dick at this point. Through contacts and contacts our new group managed to befriend the local CM of Kotobukiya and one of our members displayed their customs at Koto’s booth.

Kotobukiya mecha musume indonesia afaid 2016

It’s really refreshing to see there that the mecha musume genre is not forgotten… I daresay that it’s being revitalized and having a comeback. So as any good toy collector, i went balls deep into the new Frame Arms: Girl line… aaaaand the latest victims are…

Megami Device - WISM Soldier Assault/Scout Plastic Model(Pre-order)

Megami Device - WISM Soldier Snipe/Grapple Plastic Model(Pre-order)

SO! Here’s the tricky part… these… megami devices… each box contains 1 buildable body, but contains 2 heads, 2 sets of weaponry and gears. I ended up buying 2 boxes of each just so i can make them both. though that would leave me with a LOT of extra parts… I can live with that.

Frame Arms Girl - Baselard Plastic Model(Released)

Frame Arms Girl - Hresvelgr Plastic Model(Pre-order)

Baselard and Hresvelgr… you can’t really say these two are friendly, they aren’t like strarf and arnval or altrene and altines. These two fight each other on a regular basis… Well i got enough peacekeeping forces of my own anyway all charging up waiting to wake up. But just incase they need extra firepower…

M.S.G Modeling Support Goods - Gigantic Arms 03 Moveable Crawler(Pre-order)

M.S.G Modeling Support Goods - Gigantic Arms 02 Blitz Gunner(Pre-order)

With these peace shall be an easy task to upheld… maybe? Meh i dunno… But we get a lotta good shiet that’s for sure 😀

On a serious note i’m really happy to see the future of mecha musumes from kotobukiya, they have a reputation for model kits, that although not as “crisp” or smooth as bandai’s when they make prototypes, they will release it instead of just… leaving it out in the open to nature’s mercy (nudge konami).


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