News: Preorders Figma Shielder – Matthew Kyrielight

You know what, god damn this. I was just this close of moving on from figmas cause their price recently oddly enough skyrocketed in their latest preorders like prinz eugen and kashima… and now THIS happened…

I did not expect this, at all. But you know what, I’ll grab it anyway.


Well here she its Matthew Kyrielight, the only shielder class so far in Fate Grand Order and her lovely bigass shield… things like this always gets me because… it’s unique and i love it!

Figma Shielder Matthew Kyrielight


I mean look at THAT… LOOK … at THAT. It looks lovely. Also yes I’m hyped now and my views can be interpreted as being biased. But hey, it looks kickass.



That detail tho… flying rasputin on a stick it’s lovely…




Welp there goes my money again, preorders will be available on 29 September 2016. You can get it through AmiAmi by clicking here.

It looks worth it to be honest… also hugeass shield…


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