A Full Cycle

When you go too far… sometimes, you can’t see your starting point. Come, read on about the things that happened and will happen.

I was away for a year, even more i suppose. I lost track of time. It’s not work related but something forced me to be taken away from everything that i’ve worked for, the people i love and the things i enjoy. Then, i came back here and looked.

DIGITAL CAMERAI see this, and was taken aback for a moment. This is where the blog started, a picture that was never made into a post. A time when i have zero exposure to other collectors and toy enthusiast, a time when i was enjoying them with zero regards to what or how others enjoy it. Then i looked back to the last post someone made, i realize that i have shifted. Some might think it’s a good progress, some might think it’s not.

Personally, i think i have derailed. I hang around too many different collectors way too much that i start to lose my original idea. I’ve hang around toy-photography enthusiasts, diorama specialists, comic specialists, and so on and so on.

I start to move from my original ideas, whether i realize it or not, i started changing the styles of the content i made. Slowly, slowly, slowly, and then boom that incident happened, the one that took me away for almost a year. I’m sure you already had an idea what ordeal was it, when i said it’s not work related and it took me away from all the things and people i love, so i’ll leave it at that.

Then i came to the realisation, this is what made me lose my “spirit” that spirit of wanting to make posts the way i used to enjoy making it. I didn’t lose interest in the hobby, i lost interest in enjoying it, because i was slowly moving away from my original ideas for it. This usually happens when you spend too much time around people of the same hobby.

It’s natural that different people have different ways of enjoying it, that can’t be changed. But what i didn’t see was that it was changing ME. The way i look at them, the way i nitpick at them, the way i took pictures at them. Some people say that it’s an evolution of the hobby into a better “way”.

Or is it?

Yes i do learn better photography techniques, lighting, etc. But at the same time i started losing ground from my original starting point, this is what -for me- made me lose my original “drive” for the hobby. This is caused by what is usually called with Social Cognition or Social Thinking; it’s what we do when we interact with people: we think about them. And how we think about people affects how we behave, which in turn affects how others respond to us, which in turn affects our own emotions.

So i took a rather bold step, just for this one hobby of mine. I decided to reduce the numbers of exposure i will let myself with people of the same hobby. No, that does not mean i will start deleting contacts and friend lists, i’m talking about lessening my time with them, especially through direct contact.

IMG_2285I would have simply chosen another path if it were possible, but like newton said, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. With my current position in the local action figure community(ies), which i can say is not limited to humanoids anymore, i literally can’t do anything without causing a ripple in the lake water, good AND bad. Sure i can simply ignore the bad and take the good, but even good roads can take you further than the destination you originally planned.

It’s not the reaction i’m avoiding, it’s the exposure. Because like it or not, too much exposure to something will definitely change you even if its a tiny little bit. This is why i respect people like Gunbies and BD77, these people never change, and i can see that they still do things the way they did when they started it. If anything, they are consistent in the type of posts they do about their hobby.

TL;DR So what does this mean about this blog?

I will simply remove the “gimmicks” and just return to the way i used to enjoy doing things with my hobby and blog posts. No more, no less. So if you’ve been with me since my early years of the blog, you will find that kind of posts again, this time, it’s staying. -B.Y.


12 Replies to “A Full Cycle”

  1. i’m glad you’re okay. and if there is still time between us. i want apologize to you. for being make you suffer from the exposure and wasn’t realize it at all. thanks a lot for being our mentor on our community (we missed you actually). and thanks god you’re still okay. i hope we can be friends that not give you the exposures. batara-san. ^w^)


  2. welcome back 😀 , so as I understand your post above, you want to return do it the way you enjoy it, instead the way you think people will like the post ?


  3. Glad to see that you’re still around and (hopefully) kicking. I kinda understand what this post meant to be, as a collector without guidance, I’m probably beyond repair. I was once blind in collecting stuff, I can’t separate which was needed and which wasn’t. But I’ve stopped doing that and I guess I can collect stuff healthily in the future.

    God bless you.


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