Points of Interest

Today i’m going to share Master’s latest choices in figures. Continue to read on and see what goes on with him in the background.

First of all we, his shinkis, have resigned to our fates that we are the last of our kind. It’s still refreshing though to see that Master hasn’t lost his passion for figures.

Figma Honda FutayoFirst would be her, Honda Futayo. I can understand why he would pick her up, since his choices for figures are based on animes he watched or games he played. But i can’t help to feel there’s an underlying reason on this preorder… or should i say two. But seeing her, i don’t think she will easily accept Master’s shenanigans.

SRC Genesic GaoGaiGarAh yes, the king of braves GaoGaiGar. I heard it’s already released and Master’s just waiting for it to arrive. This preorder i can totally understand since… well, the normal GGG is awesome enough everytime i see it standing on the display shelf. This version is… i don’t know i just like it. I need to borrow Master’s GGG CD collection and see what he’s capable of.

Kotobukiya HoiHoiSan UsagearNext up is this… person? I don’t know much about HoiHoi-san but if she is 1:1 like us, then it would be nice to have a friend that’s “like us”. Though if i read it right, HoiHoi-san is a household exterminator unit… I wonder if she uses all that weaponry to clear out “intruders”. I’m just worried she might cause more harm than good…

Ah, her. Well truth be told, Master’s been occupying himself with this game about ship girls. Kongou being one of his fleet of ship girls, to me personally, is … interesting. Her nendoroid rendition is cute too. I can see why sometimes he smiled when looking at her. I just hope that considering that the game has more than… 100 ship girls i think? His wallet won’t bleed to death, maybe it already did.

FIGURE-005312_00His latest preorder would be this person. All i know of her is that she’s from a series Master watched, Kill la Kill. Personally i haven’t watched it but she seems… alright? I won’t know until she arrives and see for myself how she is. But at a glance i can see a number of reasons, besides an anime he watched, why he would want her. Sometimes human males are predictable like that.

Well i guess that sums up what he’s up to for the time being, in relation with the figures he recently ordered anyway. Sometimes i fear for his wallet’s well being, but he always manages to pull through it. I’ll continue on future posts about what he’s actually doing behind the scenes.


3 Replies to “Points of Interest”

  1. “his choices for figures are based on animes he watched or games he played”

    Only problem with this mindset is sometimes, after you had watched or played something, figures for respective anime/games would had gone extinct way long before you had the chance to order. Not sure for you, but this happens to me a number of times, lol.


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