If You Hit A Wall…

If you hit a wall… HIT IT HARD… then after you bloodied yourself a bit (or a lot) feel free to go through the door on your left. This post will finally shed light on MANY questions from people that wondered why sometimes i say weird thing about colors.

I have Deuteranomaly. What’s that?

Protanopia, deuteranopia, protanomaly, and deuteranomaly are widely common inherited color blindness that affects a substantial portion of the human population, in which those affected have difficulty with discriminating red and green hues due to the absence of the red or green retinal photoreceptors.

Now this “handicap” as i like to call it made it difficult for me to see and differentiate colors that has red and green hues mixed with it, i can seperate blue just fine, but when that blue is not a pure blue, i can’t see it as anything BUT blue.

To simplify what color blinded folks see, take a look at this image.

This is what you see...
This is what you see…
This is what - I - see
This is what – I – see

And this is also the reason why i never took outdoor shots unless it’s neccessary. Colors screw me over, LIKE A BOSS.

So yeah there were times where i was in the dumps and shit, going dramatic “woe is me” crap. Then a friend, who happens to be someone very skilled in photography (teaches it in fact, in some college). Told me to go black… and white.

Well since color screws me over, then i’ll screw colors over. So now, all my dioramic shots (A three-dimensional miniature or life-size scene in which figures, stuffed wildlife, or other objects are arranged in a naturalistic setting against a background.) are blacks and whites, and to be honest, in an age of technicolor and vibrance, he said; “It’s nice to see someone bringing back black and white”

But black and white itself doesn’t always need the starkly contrasted tones (although B/W purists tend to insist that true B/W photography needs it to be called one)

These kind of shots also falls into B/W although it’s commonly called Monochromatic rather than B/W


The point of this post is actually the title and the forewords themselves. If you hit a wall, don’t bother trying to take it down, sometimes the door is just a little bit to the left or right.

New edit:

Not even 5 seconds after this post i got a friend texting me about how did i do it (post-process editing etc etc).

My answer is yes and no.

No, because for black and white photography i set the “stage” and “lights” to make that starking contrasts, IN RAW.

Yes, because all i did was tweak the RAW, just slide the tonality sliders a bit and voila.


3 Replies to “If You Hit A Wall…”

  1. Being colour-blind can be annoying when you’re dealing with colour coordination… and driving, among many things.

    The shot of Dead Master and Shin Getter 1 are my favs.


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