Death of The Old Cycle, Birth of The New

2013 Hasn’t been a kind year for me, I’m sure it’s not only for me though. Things happen, people come and go, troubles start and ended. But as 2013 ends and 2014 dawns, it’s time to end a cycle, and start a new one.

I’ve looked through my yearly reports, and see all i needed to see, including the amounts of post, comments, new followers and everything. I’ve come to a conclusion that 2013 hasn’t been a nice year for me, from things that are related to the blog like posts, and reviews (trust me i have a LOT of new members of the household that hasn’t shown his/her/it -self here), to the things that are not directly related to the blog yet has an impact to it (work, finance, etc.)

As you can see, these two, they’re still sleeping peacefuly since i haven’t activated them yet. The other girls are nagging me already to no end to bring them to life -but long story short- work and other daily shenanigans took precedence.

Also there is one other shinki ready to be activated… though i have my doubts whether i should activate her so soon.

All of them i aqcuired way back around September/October, yet i never found the time to actually spring them full of life.

For incoming items i have a lot of stuff from Figmas to other product lines. But there is one particular fellow that… might change how everything goes around here…

You see, never in my life i have an interest for 1/6 scale figures… like… EVER… until the one i call the “gentle (though i’m dead sure he’s nowhere near gentle) giant” appears. Which made me instantly preorder the sucker. Who is it? Well…

Yes, it’s Igor… or to be precise, The Mark XXXVIII (38) “Igor”. I’ve read the datasheet and this thing is a 17″ (43cm) monstrosity. His arrival and activation will definitely change how things will be around the household, considering that the others would only be around knee/waist -height compared to him. He’s one of those impulse preorders that i never regretted. I’ve read and asked around about the issues commonly associated with the HT Ironman series and i still preorder him under sane and sound mind.

Other items from other product lines have also arrived and they’ll soon grace the household and introduce themselves to all of you.

Because with things finally slowing down into their appropriate paces i can guarantee you one thing, 2014 will be a year where i will be able to post more regularly πŸ™‚

Also… there is one more thing i forgot to mention… there will be… little monsters around… though whether some consider them monsters or adorable little bastards is a matter of debate…

And a happy new year toΒ BD77 XD

Stay tune for more posts in 2014 πŸ™‚


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