Review: Figma Futaba Anzu

Now, with Rin already part of my agency, it’s time to take a look at another cinderella girl that max factory dishes out. It’s time we take a look at Hokkaido’s 17 year old neet, the review of Figma Futaba Anzu.

Figma Futaba Anzu Review

As you can see… uhm… she’s not really enthusiastic in terms of, err, work… Although the idea of the Cinderella Girls Idolm@ster project is to make a nobody become somebody at the top, it looks like i’ll need an army of fairy godmothers with her…

Anyway let’s take a good look at her from the front and the back.

Figma Futaba Anzu Review

As you can see, she sports a very, uhm, laid-back attire. This is one of her unique points but also her downside, the outfit is in NO way easy to pose in. Due to it being a shirt (despite a baggy one) it still takes its toll on the arm clearance.

Another thing to note is that her tails are jointed but doesn’t allow much freedom of movements, BUT, it does make it easier when you’re trying to move it out of the way for poses and such.

Figma Futaba Anzu Review

She also comes with her bunny… doll… pillow… thing… and like the issue with detailing on Hanako (Rin’s dog) the rabbit suffers from the same issue. Despite its plushie looks it’s solid. Don’t try anything funny with it, besides, doubt Anzu would let you run off with it anyway (since she uses it as a sleep-anywhere tool…).

Figma Futaba Anzu Review

She also comes with a PSP and candies. Remember, anzu loves sweets and it’s your only weapon to get her to do anything… well… almost anything.

The detailing on the PSP and candies are somewhat coarse but then again with something that small, it’s kind of passable and… why is she holding that thing upside down…? Anyway the detail coarseness is passable and the black screen makes good easy edits if you wanna edit in say… a monster hunter game screencap or something.

Figma Futaba Anzu Review

Here you can see she comes with your basic figma kit. you know, stands, hands, clamps and the such. What i forgot to take pics of is that she also comes with 1 sheet of crystal stickers, these stickers are embossed and translucent and can be applied on her face. Teary eyed morning faces… right, like she isn’t a handful already…

Well with that aside i can move on to-

Figma Futaba Anzu Review

Let’s just cut this review short, she’s gone… Sorry if you guys have been following my latest work and see the degrade in image quality and content. It’s due to the lack of time i have this month. But all will be remedied come December.

Anyway how do i rate her… i give her a

Why, because due to her outfit, she is very limited in posability, she also suffers from the lack of casual faceplates and is only intended for Idolm@ster fans and those who are interested in her gimmicks which is not that many.

I’m not disappointed as she is still a charming lazy bas****… but like i said she isn’t for everyone.

See you next time.


6 Replies to “Review: Figma Futaba Anzu”

  1. Ahaha how did you come by her? An order straight off the GSC online store? And Max Factory takes REALLY good promo shots of their stuff..when it comes out though, it’s another issue.


    1. Actually yeah i did come by her through GSC’s online store since apparently none of the local suppliers are opening that many slots for her @_@

      And about the quality post-release, yeah i agree, they better make it up on the new Figma skeletons though


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