Review: Figma Shibuya Rin

Well it’s been a while but things are starting to pick back up again lol. SO… apparently since i played Im@s Cinderella Girls (and now Million Live) i’ve taken up another job that is to become a broducer XD. So let’s take a look at my first idol to join my agency, Figma Shibuya Rin’s Review.

Figma Shibuya Rin

Figma Shibuya Rin

So she’s finally here and into my talent agency… huh? What’s the name of my talent agency? MG Pro(ductions) … what it stands for? Err… … Melodic Gatos … ANYWAY let’s return to the review. Since the box is just that, a box and nothing fancy i’ll skip it and let’s get down to business with Rin herself.

Figma Shibuya Rin

Figma Shibuya Rin

Well as you can see she is not “outstanding” in any way, plain to be exact since these are the clothes she usually wears around. But at the very least MF did a nice qc on this EX line, cause i see nothing that would “break” her like what they did when they messed up kamineko.

Figma Shibuya Rin

Now this is where things starts to get interesting, she comes with a pair of alternate hands that made her able to tuck her hands into her sweater pockets. It’s a nice addition since i personally think this is Rin alright. Also as you may see, mold marks are inevitable but at the very least they manage to hide it in places that isn’t very apparent.

Figma Shibuya Rin

Figma Shibuya Rin

Let’s start with saying that Hanako is cute… but also coarse as f***. Then again it’s hard to apply sculpt details to something this small without raising the pricemark significantly, but i’ll give MF credit for making Hanako still cute.

Figma Shibuya Rin

Yes that faceplate and Hanako makes for adorable shots XD

Figma Shibuya Rin

Besides coming with the standard things for Figmas she also comes with a thin leash to attach to hanako X3. You know just in case she wants to take her out for a walk… This is a nice addition but i think it’s a bit too long, but you can always roll it up like she did in the pic above.

Well then the review is short, but it is. She’s not standing out significantly but also isn’t bland either. She’s also a limited Figma which will affect the score i will give her. Which is:

Due to her being limited i can say that she is a preference-biased choice, if you love idolm@ster series and you play the mobile game (cinderella girls) she might be a good addition to your collection and let’s you start your own talent agency outside the game XD. But other than that, she is definitely something that should be picked up purely on what your preferences are.

Figma Shibuya Rin


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