News: D-Arts Elizabeth

Good day readers, Miho here and with a rather quick and … shocking news… Master has yet again preordered something he really wanted, so lets take a look at what he got himself into. This is Tamashii Nations/Bandai’s D-Arts Elizabeth from Persona 3.

D-Arts Elizabeth

I can think of many reasons why Master wouldn’t think twice in getting her. But the main reason would be since he’s a Megaten fan and Elizabeth is the helper in the Velvet Room. He may not be interested in the personas, but he sure is interested in their characters.

D-Arts Elizabeth

D-Arts Elizabeth

D-Arts Elizabeth

After looking at her, i also notice that she carries the Persona Compendium. But i think what sold Master instantly…


D-Arts Elizabeth

Yes she is sitting, in the chair… and folding her legs…

The chair itself is INCLUDED in the package, along with the Persona Compendium and 1 tarot card to hold. I must say though, she does look interesting and very neat, and to be honest i can think of what Master is planning on making her do…

You can get her at AMIAMI for ¥4080 and is available for preorders now.

If you’re having the same train of thought like Master has, i’m sure you will be getting her too.

Miho, signing out.


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