News: Super Robot Chougokin Mazinkaiser

Miho here, bringin you an updated news on the new SRC (Super Robot Chougokin) Mazinkaiser. Pics have been circulating about this current topic but finally Tamashii Nations has made its official announcement. So let’s take a look at the kaiser himself.

Super Robot Chougokin Mazinkaiser

Super Robot Chougokin Mazinkaiser

I can see why Master wants it a lot, there’s a certain elegance in it, a warrior’s elegance. Yet, at the same time it looks very intimidating, like a sovereign. I haven’t dug many infos about Mazinkaiser himself, but i might consult with Master on that.

I CAN be interested in something too, you know.

Super Robot Chougokin Mazinkaiser

This is my personal favorite among the shots taken at Tamashii Nations.

This shot is both simple, yet amazing. It shows the Mazinkaiser’s sovereignty and aura of intimidation.

Also where most people has doubts whether the scrander (his jet wings) and the kaiser sword will be included. It seems that Bandai has become nicer lately, as the pack said that it will be included. Now all that’s missing is its effect parts…

Super Robot Chougokin Mazinkaiser

Super Robot Chougokin Mazinkaiser

Super Robot Chougokin Mazinkaiser

Super Robot Chougokin Mazinkaiser

Also to take note that just like SRC Shin Getter 1, Mazinkaiser will be bigger than common SRCs.

Super Robot Chougokin Mazinkaiser

According to the Tamashii Nations Page, Mazinkasier will be released on November 2013 for ¥6800. As to where to preorder keep an eye on this post as i will link the places to preorder them once it’s opened.

It is now AVAILABLE at AMIAMI for ¥5050

And Master… insists… on me putting this pic below in the post…

take this my love my anger and all of my money

*sigh* this is Miho signing out for today…


Author: Kakizaki Miho

I'm a Starf Mk.2 Lavina Shinki, but my master designated a new name for me, Kakizaki Miho. I'm helping Honoka in running master's blog and i will try to help convey his ideas and thoughts precisely.

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