… of The Future.

Good day, Miho here. Master is still somewhere… out there… haha… but I’m glad he’s up and about again in the hobby. Including managing his community group. So, let me fill you in on the updates about him and his plans for the blog. Shall we?

First of all as the previous post by Honoka said, Master’s been up and about again collecting things from various lines. Well not that many lines but basically he’s opening up again to many lines. First let’s see about his step into the metal world.

First off is the Super Robot Chougokins (スーパーロボット超合金) i will refer it as SRC from now on. Here he found old friends, or to be exact, his childhood friends. Let’s take a look at the one he instantly preorders first.

Super Robot Chougokin Shin Getter 1

Apparently, Master called him one of the legendary beasts. Made me wonder a bit as to why, then i looked up his anime collection and looked for online videos. One thing i can say is that … yes, the Shin Getters (1-2-3) are infact legendary, besides being the most iconic among the original Getter Robots (1-2-3, Dragon-Liger-Poseidon and so on).

But what instantly made Master preorder this was this feature…

Super Robot Chougokin Shin Getter 1

At first i thought those were fluorescent paints glowing, then it sinks into me that it shines way too bright and thorough for a glow in the dark paint. It also doesn’t look like some kind of photo manipulation trick. This made me wonder, how? If it’s electrical powered the shoulder joints are too small for wires to pass through… How does it shine like that? Master simply said, “…believe in the Getter Energy”.

Also to note that the Shin Getter 1 is obviously taller than common SRCs

Super Robot Chougokin Shin Getter 1

This sealed the deal for him as he instantly preorders it from AmiAmi for ¥5000.

Next up is the Kaiser, or to be precise, The Mazinkaiser. Words aren’t out as to where to obtain it except from it being displayed on the Tamashii Nations web. But from the picture he already fell in love with it and in his words “This is the original kaiser himself”.

Super Robot Chougokin Mazinkaiser

And like the Shin Getter 1, Mazinkaiser will be taller than standard SRCs. There’s something about this guy that i personally like and i can understand why Master does too. Something that feels like it’s a robot you simply don’t want to pick a fight with… I’ve seen some videos of it on the Super Robot Wars series and how ridiculously powerful this unit is when maxed out, also on how he ripped a new one on the Dark Generals in the anime (note, dark generalS, plural, as in he killed bulks of them like they were cannon fodder. This is the same Dark Generals that even put Great Mazinger on its toes).

If i heard it right, it will be something around ¥6800 pricemark upon opening for preorders. But apparently that doesn’t stop Master from finding ways to obtain it (i hope legally…)

Next up is his rather surprising return to Figmas. According to what i’ve read and what we spoke of, he had bad experiences with figmas before that made him totally left the line. I don’t want to pry anymore as to what it was in detail, but his return is none less shocking.

First off he instantly bought these 2 off Yahoo! Auctions Japan.

Figma Futaba Anzu

Figma Shibuya Rin

And not only that, he also preorders these two simultaneously…

Figma Mika Jougasaki Rika Jougasaki

They aren’t regular releases, they’re Wonder Festival Exclusives… So i asked, why?

“They’re idols from a mobile trading card game i played called Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls”

Ok… so… why them?

“Because i wouldn’t mind being their producer and hear their singing…”

O-kay… i rest my case. Master wants to have his own production house with his own idols it seems, well somebody isn’t going to like the idea…

Moving on with the post, there are also things he wants from the Summer Wonder Festival this time around… and apparently not just figmas…

Figma Honda Futayo

It doesn’t take a genius to see why he wanted it… besides that he’s a big fan of the Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon series and is really excited they made the Figmas. Although he did say his piece of disappointment as to why they didn’t made this person called Neito and Tomo first, to be honest i don’t know who they are as i never seen the series or read about it.

Next off there are also other Idols that he wants.

Figma Idolm@ster Chihaya Kisaragi

Apparently this version of Chihaya is from the Million Live mobile social game. Geez… i guess he IS serious about making his own production house…

Moving on to static scale figures that caught his interest is this figure of Rias Gremory from High School DxD

I guess this figure really tickles his “hopes and dreams” where as some people prefer “justice”…

Do i really need to point out what that really means?

Fine… they say flat is justice and big ones are filled with hopes and dreams. There you go.

Anyway I think i’m done for now stay tuned for more updates from me and Honoka. Though i will concentrate more on actual news rather than updates. I wish i can write a longer post but for now i think this post is already long enough, until next time.


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