What Happened?

Hi, hi. Honoka here, sorry for the long absent posts. But, things got a little bit haywire since Master decided to do some community related things. Also there are other things that happened… Allow me to explain…

It’s been a long while since we posted anything of any substance to be honest, we’re really sorry about that. But me and the other girls had a talk with Master, it is somewhat related to our future, to be precise the Shinki’s future.

It’s inevitable that master stopped posting many news of the figure realm since he aqcuired me, so i took the liberty of striking a conversation with him about the reason.

As you already know Master had a deep scar left by a certain figure line a long time ago, where a limited figure was done so poorly he was annoyed, disappointed and somewhat lost faith in that line. Me and the other shinkis talked about it though, we are well aware that due to our manufacturer’s issues, we may not be able to see any light on our future new sisters.

Yes I’m talking about the issue that Konami has on shinki manufacturing, for some odd reason everything went dark, no news, no official press statements, no nothing…

While Master does continue to find our remaining already-released sisters, we told him about the possibility that… sadly… we may be the last of our kind… We noticed how Master enjoys collecting and we totally understand Master’s pain from that certain figure line, but we don’t want to see him stuck in a rut trying to find our remaining sisters only. I’ve never seen how Master was before he aqcuired me, but judging from the old posts he made he was more passionate. More… lively and quirky and tacky, with his dry and sometime stale sense of humor.

So we came to him, and talked. He loves us for the fact that we’re mecha-musumes or Mechanical Maidens if you want to make an english term for it, then it hits me.

“Master, go heavy metal.”

He was somewhat taken aback, but we convince him that his hobby should not stop at just one point, it should expand. Some people might focus on one line, but when they do, they tend to be dull and oblivious to the other wonders out there.

After a show of some metal friends, he finally struck something fancy, something from his childhood. He remembered his “old friends”.

Fortunately, a certain company provides them, and thankfully starting to remake his old friends into their line. They looked cool actually, and for some odd reason i can see them getting along really well with us. One can even say that they’re super. They came from the time where robots care less about logic and more into the spirit of the fight and cause.

My kind of guys (or should i say machines) if i may say so…

And now Master are finally back on track in his hobby, returning to his excitement of waiting what new releases are in store. He returns to being the man-child we all love (haha~)

Well he’s apparently busy with all his work and managing a hobby community, but then the weirdest thing happened. He met the cinderellas, for one, he never thought that a mobile trading card game he plays has an actual figure made. To top it off, from the line he was so disappointed in.

So he took a bold leap of faith, he ordered them. Under the pretense that if they mess up his idols, he’s gonna totally forget that line ever existed. Harsh, yes, but i guess that’s how men are in general… Maybe? I don’t have that many experience interacting with a lot of human males…

So there you have it folks, the reason for Master’s disappearance all these times… But don’t worry, once our first wave of new friends arrive, i have a feeling that it will all be a huge mix of randomness, just like when he started this blog. The same randomness that actually has people interested in viewing and following it in the first place i bet. I mean face it, one random guy attracts another.

Not that i’m saying you’re all a rag tag bunch of randomness but you get my point…


9 Replies to “What Happened?”

  1. Konami gone dark with the Shinki series?… I can attest to that, with Kaiyodo went (total) silent with the Revoltech Fraulein series.

    Hang on… Your master is going with some of the Chogoukin series? Wow… That’s quite a load of heavy metals.

    Ah, the Cinderella girls… kinda torn in getting either of them… Getting both? Well, that depends on the available resources…


  2. Oh man, I’m so annoyed at Konami.

    They go and make an anime about Bousu Shinki which probably ended up expanding knowledge of the line to people who otherwise didn’t know about it. What does Konami do? Nothing, no new Shinkis no re-release of the ones featured on the show. Such a waste of promotion really.

    I got one Chogoukin, it’s awesome. die cast metal, die cast metal! As for figmas, keep an eye of them, looks like Max Factory is gonna shake up the figma archetype with Miku 2.0 can’t wait to see what the new improvements will bring to the line going forwards.


    1. Yes, the fact on what Konami did was surprising to us too…

      I just hope they didn’t pull a ninja on us then suddenly opening preorders for new shinkis out of the blue.

      About the chougokins (it’s chou-go-kin or super alloy) Master already preordered 2 beastly legends. Please look forward to who they are 🙂


  3. It’s good to see your Master coming back!! However it’s one thing getting into ONE line and being oblivious..it’s another to get into TOO MANY lines and die on the way there..=/


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