Orders: Phat! Company – Senran Kagura – Hibari – Ikaruga

Spending too much time with my shinkis, i came to forget about other things… Including that my beloved characters from the game i love – Senran Kagura (閃乱カグラ)-has been made into figures… D’OH!!! Glad though i was in time to preorder one of them and order one of them. Check them out, Phat! Company’s Senran Kagura ladies, Hibari and Ikaruga.

So basically i’m overjoyed at the fact that they made my most favorite girl of the Hanzo High (Kokuritsu Hanzō Gakuin), Hibari, was already made and released. I’m glad that i was in time to order her since some stores already sold out on her T_____T

Phat Company - Senran Kagura - Hibari

Phat Company - Senran Kagura - Hibari

Phat Company - Senran Kagura - Hibari

The reason i liked Hibari the most is because she is adorable and sexy at the same time. I’ve seen a lot of characters pull cute and sexy, but adorable and sexy? This is why Hibari won my heart, and those legs, and that cute ass… to be honest her generous rack is just a bonus for me, since well you know im not a rack guy lol @_@)a

I ordered her from AmiAmi at ¥5,170. I’m glad since on some sites she’s already sold out, i can’t wait for her to arrive.

And add to that another good news is that Ikaruga is also open for reservations, check her out~

Phat Company - Senran Kagura - Ikaruga

Phat Company - Senran Kagura - Ikaruga

Phat Company - Senran Kagura - Ikaruga

… Okay she won me, I’m a fan of all the Hanzo High girls (Also the Viper Girls, but not as much), but Ikaruga always ranked last in my list with Hibari > Yagyu > Katsuragi > Asuka > Ikaruga. But her elegance (despite what i might think a generic design, slap a yamato nadeshiko with royalty) really shines here. So i pre-ordered her too at AmiAmi also for ¥5,930.

I really hope Phat! finishes the whole Hanzo High girls with Yagyuu next (hopefully) then Asuka and/or Katsuragi after it.

And also a nice news comes to me as they are planning an anime adaptation for Senran Kagura too. I know, i know, it’s just gonna be another Ikkitousen riddled with fanservice, to be honest, i don’t give a flying f***. I love SK and going to preorder the Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus at AmiAmi too that has the bonus of all Hanzo High mini figures for PSVita…

So to all the haters, i shall say “F*** you, kind gentlemen. I fancy myself to some Senran Kagura, so pipe down and run along.”

Tally ho~


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