Management, Coordination and Epic Fails

This is one of those posts where i not only share about the good stuff but also the bad stuffs. In this case the bad stuffs are winning by 80:20. What’s this about? Well read on to see what there is to it at the ToyzMania 2012: Unity event.

Management, Coordination and Epic Fails

As you can see this is how it looks like on the 2012 ToyzMania event held in Jakarta. An annual toy fair event from all lines and preferences, both western and eastern toys. From here we can see everything is fine right?


THIS is the ONLY huge space there is on the event, the aisles between community stands and shops are only about 1M (meter) apart or around 3’2″ (3 feet 2 inches). Seriously? Not only that but the aisles are crowded as f***

Secondly, the lack of places for people to hang around. It doesn’t take a genius to know that when you’re holding a toy/anime fair and/or conventions you need places for people to just “hang around”. People don’t just go there to get some loots then go home, they stick around and have fun. The longer they stick around the bigger the chance of them actually looting something.
This also applies to people who are there not only to loot, but also to have gatherings between internal clubs or groups, the lack of such space in this year’s toyfair was a huge error.
But wait, people wouldn’t mind if they can’t hang around inside IF there are places to hang around outside, which this venue terribly lacks too. It’s a huge disappointment to see that not only you can’t hang around INSIDE but OUTSIDE too. Outside of the fair there are literally no space at all to hang around just lines of shops stacked up together with not even a hint of SEATING.

I’m surprised to find out that on that floor there is 1 hall and 1 giant food court, yet they USED the food court space instead of the hall… seriously? Wouldn’t it be more appealing if you can just get a nice grub and come back inside all within reach? This is why i came to a conclusion that this year’s ToyzMania is an EPIC FAIL. And it’s visible too, judging from the number of empty spaces that fails to be filled by either shops or community stands…

I Only took shots of the few community stands available which is Figmania, Nendonesia and S.H.F. Indonesia.

Management, Coordination and Epic Fails

Management, Coordination and Epic Fails

Management, Coordination and Epic Fails

Management, Coordination and Epic Fails

Management, Coordination and Epic Fails

Management, Coordination and Epic Fails

But epic fails aside, my plan to go here mainly because this is the first “mock gathering” I’m trying out for my group, Bushido, or Busou Shinki Indonesia. We all griped and facepalmed at the horrid condition of this year’s ToyzMania, but we tried to just bear and grin it all for the sake of the “try-out” gathering and our shinki’s sanities.

Well they do seem like they’re enjoying themselves though.

Bushido - Busou Shinki Indonesia
Meet Casi (Shinki Master: Trish) and Mio (Shinki Master: Cornelius Roy)

As you can see they immediately became the stars of the gathering and also the gazes of curious folks that passes by inside the toy fair. Both are Fencer Pearl – Oorbellen types and it’s easy to see why they get along so well (That, or it’s because Roy lent some fancy clothing to Casi for the photoshoot).

If you’re wondering those aren’t hand made clothings, they’re Picco Neemo outfits from Azone. Amazingly scaled at 1:12 and fits perfectly with tall sized shinkis, small sized shinkis needs a little modification.

Bushido - Busou Shinki Indonesia

If you’re wondering why most of them seems tired and unamused… It’s because due to the cramped aisles people have a hard time moving around and causing us who wants to take pictures a really hard time. Add to that the instability of the table causes tremors that sends the girls falling on their hineys.

I’m more worried about Hime though as it’s apparent that she’s inches away from ragequitting due to the number of times she fell down from the tremor.

All in all, everyone had fun despite the issues present. Both Shinki Masters and Shinkis alike. Including Shinki Master Dimas’ uncanny knack of bringing a twilight lunch bucket on the scene, which causes some of us (Shinki Masters and Shinkis) to writhe in pain at the mere presence of it…

The conclusion is, I’m NOT going to held a gathering before scouting the fair grounds EVER AGAIN. If the place is too miserable to even have some decent photoshoot sessions we’d better be off booking a restaurant and just have fun go mad.

This also made me think about next year’s toy fair… if the conditions are still the same, I’d be better of saving some cash with the group to open up a community stand at AFAiD 2013 which is a better choice than… well… THIS…


5 Replies to “Management, Coordination and Epic Fails”

  1. Oh wow,..that first picture was truly deceptive. It’s crappy when they thought out the lay-out man..lack of a proper hang-out space just makes me want to go home..I get that it’s a con and it’s bound to get squeezy but that’s just extreme..ah anyways at least you get to hang out with fellow owners..which is a good thing =3


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