Pre-Release: Chogokin Saber

I have spent a long while without any news of a figure I’m interested in, but lo and behold. Bandai once again uses its bear trap on me, let’s take a look at Bandai’s 超合金 (Chogokin) Saber.

Bandai Chogokin SaberAs you can see, i’m really baffled. Meaning, this time unlike chogokin Aegis. Bandai will mix soft PVC for her skirt and other clothing parts yet uses full metal parts for her armor plating. This… looks promising… and unlike the previously dropped (by me) AGP line, this is a welcomed news for me. Yes i know it’s been buzzing for quite a while but i’ve only heard of it now o.o)a

Bandai Chogokin Saber

Bandai Chogokin Saber

Bandai Chogokin SaberBut wait! There’s more!

Not only does she come with a badass effect below…

Bandai Chogokin SaberShe also comes with an awesome Stand Base!

Bandai Chogokin Saber

Bandai also promises plate-per-plate articulation~

Bandai Chogokin Saber

Bandai Chogokin Saber

This will also apply to her wrist and shoulder guards… just… wow…

I don’t know about you guys but I’m really interested and come December i might just preorder her~

She’s available at AmiAmi for ¥5.510, and at Hobby Search for ¥6.375

I might just preorder her o wo)/


5 Replies to “Pre-Release: Chogokin Saber”

  1. Plate-per-plate articulation is something you don’t see everyday which makes this figure stands out. But I just can’t seem to help it in seeing her a bit… too “slender” and that longish elbow…


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