A New Direction

First of all i want to apologize for the lack of activity in this blog lately. But read more and I will share to you all why.

After that last post, suddenly, out of the blue my years old Ixus 70 finally started having issues. Starting from memory card being undetectable to not being able to properly adjusts itself to the light situation.

Finally, on October 12th. It gave in, Totally unable to capture any form of light at all. Causing the pictures to be muted and very very dark. Turns out there were errors on the CCD and the sensors, amounting quite a bit for repair. So i chose to let it be.

On those camera-less days, 2 new shinkis arrive. A Bright Feather model and a Mizuki Type 2 model. On the way is an Altrene Viola model, Altines Rosa and Graffias.

It made me think, maybe it’s time i actually go for a new camera since how many times i’ve postponed getting one.

So rest in peace old friend, *salutes* you’ve done your job well.

Canon Digital Ixus 70

Then came the second question, should i invest in an interchangeable lens system, or go with a powerful prosumer.

That same question i’ve been asking myself a while ago, a few posts back.

Then i look back through all my taken pictures, all the comic i made. I discovered that i used a lot of very unusual angles on my shots, sometimes shots that are really REALLY extreme, like ground level looking up or super close.

This sets the sword in the stone for me, as DSLRs and Micro Four Thirds would have a hard time achieving it without duking extra cash for a pancake and/or macro lens. Add to that most DSLRs and Micro Four Thirds have a rather huge and/or bulky bodies. Thus my decision fell to a powerful prosumer.

Then came the third question, WHICH ONE.

After testing it out on various models (Canon S100, Olympus XZ-1, Lumix LX7, Canon G1x and Nikon P7700), my choice fell to Olympus’ XZ-1.

Now i’m not going to go into how I like Olympus’ XZ-1 as it will stir up needless debate and preference disagreements which is not the purpose of this post, but i will illiterate how much i’ve been missing out on figure photography.

Because of the customizability of a prosumer (manual focus, manual aperture, manual shutter speeds, etc) i realized i have been missing a lot, moments when i could be taking good shots ended up with so-so shots.

Hime, showing what the camera is capable of in low light

And here we have Hime, kindly posing for me to test the camera in low light, at ISO 100, aperture of 1.8, exposure +0,3 and shutter speed of 2 seconds.

So with this i can do more stories and share more things, this is what i mean by a new direction. From time to time i will make a long story and maybe most of the time i will make a 4panel (4koma) and/or shorter stories. As opposed to previously doing longer comics.

This does not mean that it only contains randomness, there will be underlying meaning and hidden messages inside them as usual.

And with Honoka and the rest now helping me, i think i’m gonna like this road trip.

p.s. Apparenly Honoka and the rest are more interested in the now airing Busou Shinki anime, we’ll get to that later on in another post.


12 Replies to “A New Direction”

    1. I agree on the ample lighting. Though i prefer to capture everything as is, to give it a more natural feel instead of shots that felt “so good it seems unreal”

      Though the Olympus does sport a rather unusual sensor. Where as most pro-compacts are using 1/3″ sensors, olympus used a 1/6.3″ sensor… being it a larger sensor with a 10MPix active, it captured quite nice and sharp. Even in low lighting.

      THOUGH, being a compact, it’s still a CCD sensor, not a CMOS.


  1. speaking of cameras, two of my olympus digital cameras were goners. you can see statics and blurry lines on the display screen so can’t take any photos. must have damaged it when I bought it to a local anime convention due to radio waves (-_-) now i need a really good camera too. ^^


    1. Usually that happens in older makes where the CCD isn’t really good. But recent releases already has such protection against external wave disturbances.

      You should try giving other brands a swing, but for me, I chose the XZ-1 ^ -^)/


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