Why Do We Take Pictures?

Well, i was doing nothing at that moment. Honoka came up to me to confirm some things for the blog and such. It turned into a quite deep conversation topic…

Why Do We Collect

Why Do We Collect

Why Do We Collect

Why Do We Collect

Why Do We Collect

Why Do We Collect

Yes, you heard that right folks. Why do i take pictures of my figures, I’m simply collecting…

Why Do We Collect

It’s open for debate, as to what “qualifies” as a photograph. It can be a certain angle, a certain lighting, a certain composition, etc.

For me, a photograph is a  memory engraved… It doesn’t have to be an avant garde photograph, its those small, unimportant, random shots that we took for granted. Those shots that we sometimes discard as “less than adequate” can in time be something we look back at and we remember fondly.

So if asked what is a good photography, i would answer; “those unplanned random moments, events, places, people, object, that as time goes by -no matter how candid, how weird it is- would be something so precious that we can’t help to smile, cry, laugh and even get angry at.”

Why Do We Collect

As in context with the blog, Figure Photography. Sometimes, you took bad shots, then sometimes you took worse shots. Admit it, once in a while you look back and realize… “wow, this was so long ago” or laughed while saying; “f*** damn, this is so wrong” even those shots that you get angry at because of a certain thing, be it bad angle, bad composition, bad lighting, etc.

If those photographs made you remember things and evoke an emotion, ANY EMOTION, then the photograph has served it’s purpose. As a reminder of how you tried to appreciate your figure.

I’m pretty sure that even those “fail-shots” made you realize something from your figure, count the times you took bad shots then realize there is a certain “trait” on your figures… “ooh didn’t realize it was there”, “nice ass”, “when did that get there” and more. These things made us appreciate our figures more, even those that we initially hate.

As time flies and we took more shots we came to like the figures that we once might hate. We are creating memories, memories that we might forget one day, and memories that we will hold dear. This is the magic of photography, THIS is (to me) the true purpose of photography.

Why Do We Collect

Gotta say thanks to Honoka, as she brought up something i might forgot. No matter how candid, how unimportant, how useless a taken shot might be, JUST TAKE IT. SAVE IT. Because through that you WILL remember your figures more, trust me on that. Whether you will remember fondly or full of hatred, you WILL remember it. Because isn’t that what humans are all about?

Memory… is the diary that we all carry about with us. –Oscar Wilde


6 Replies to “Why Do We Take Pictures?”

  1. You’re so fortunate so have someone helping you 😀 Taking photos for a while now (a long while at that) I agree with you, photographs are memories – stories that only the photographer truly understands.


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