Review: Nendoroid Kashiwazaki Sena

It’s been a while but i finally got a camera, no not mine. I’m still borrowing it from a friend LOL. But that aside let’s review out my newly arrived family member! Give it up for Nendoroid Kashiwazaki Sena!

Review: Nendoroid Kashiwazaki Sena

Review: Nendoroid Kashiwazaki Sena

Hmmmmmmm… The box… I need to say this, the box is bigger than Yozora’s but it’s still not ridiculously large either. And to think ALL of these stuff are fitted neatly into it. Then again this is just the box, these are not the droids we are looking for, move along.

Review: Nendoroid Kashiwazaki Sena

Whoa that is hell lotta things packed into a single blister

o 3o)

Let’s check out what we got here.

  • 2 Extra faceplates
  • 4 pair of arms and a pair of extra hands
  • 1 Sofa
  • 2 Extra lower body part
  • 2 pieces of sofa connectors
  • 1 small table
  • 1 lcd
  • 1 ps3 (playing states 3 … jeez who am i kidding it’s a friggin playstation 3)
  • 1 regular stand base set

Now, i gotta say that’s quite a load of stuff packed in a box. Let’s get going then as we’re about to go to the fun part.

Review: Nendoroid Kashiwazaki Sena

… That was a quick change of heart o .o);;

Review: Nendoroid Kashiwazaki Sena

Well, she’s back to her usual self again… but i have to say she is… still adorable…

I love how her hair is a gradation, not a total flat color. Also i love how her default face has a slightly lifted right (our left side) eyebrow, it gives the… “are you serious?” look

o 3o)a

Also, she’s a healthy girl… if you know what i mean…

> w<)a

Review: Nendoroid Kashiwazaki Sena

Now moving onto the details. I love her butterfly hair clip, it’s friggin cute! Also do take note that the hairclip IS NOT A SIMPLE PEG! It has that crooked shape that makes it nested into her back hair piece, TAKE NOTE NOT TO JUST PULL ON IT OR RISK BREAKING IT.

Moving on to her body, she has the same coating as Yozora and the detail is just as amazing… BUT mine came with a slight issue as there are parts that are not PROPERLY COATED. There are some parts of her uniform, luckily mine is under the arm, that has less coating. Meaning that the shiny plasticky material is shiny as f***. But it’s not blatantly visible so i wouldn’t complain much. Common mishap from GSC nowadays.

Review: Nendoroid Kashiwazaki Sena

Now moving on to the other things. She has the same sofa as Yozora, so check out about it on my Yozora review.

Onto the small table to house the ps3 and the tv. It’s … simple and uhm… a table i don’t know if i can say much about it except for what you can see.

Moving on to the LCD TV… i have to say mine yet again came with a slight issue as you can see on the upper right corner… Other than that, the lcd is pretty straight forward. Turn it around and you can see the small unpainted details on the back, including those trademark vents you see on tv’s and the multi-input panel. I love how they paint the screen though, the color makes it easier to edit for personal purposes in shots. Because i don’t like to print and stick things on it

o wo)a

Review: Nendoroid Kashiwazaki Sena

Now this is where the fun is at, I love the PS3 unit and how it snugs perfectly inside the table. Don’t worry, the size is just right as to not have the unit stuck inside, but at the same time it’s a perfect fit. Don’t expect too much detail though as the unit itself is a one-toned sculpt.

Review: Nendoroid Kashiwazaki Sena

Moving on to the next part is the “gaming arms” the gaming arms are the usual bent arms that has her holding either the PSP or the PS3 controller, the hands are switchable so all you need to do is choose what will she hold, the ps3 or the psp.

Review: Nendoroid Kashiwazaki Sena

And here you can see Sena is enjoying her time on the ps3… although i think she doesn’t quite like the game i just gave her to try out…

So… with this i will give her a:

Must Have Award

Why? Because simply put, either for the sofa, the lcd tv, the ps3 or the gaming hands, or simply because her damn adorable faceplate

> w<)a

I tell ya she is FUN! and adorable and if you have Yozora too you can-

Review: Nendoroid Kashiwazaki Sena

Review: Nendoroid Kashiwazaki Sena

Review: Nendoroid Kashiwazaki Sena

> _>);;;;;

Here we go again…


16 Replies to “Review: Nendoroid Kashiwazaki Sena”

  1. There are minor defects on sena?? *goes check his nendoroid right away*

    *gulps* there’s a trace of uncoated parts just below her right arm and a little bit on her back, shoud I coat her myself? it’s not that visible but it kinda bugs me now a little 😦

    I on the other hand doesn’t have the time to even unbox her accessories, but looking at her glaring at me from the sides with Kirino and Sanae is rather enjoyable… to look down upon… i know .______.


  2. Sena… another bad news to my nut-bladder… >.>

    Noooooow that you mention about the coatings… I need to inspect mine as I didn’t noticed that CAN be an issue.

    p.s. an Otaku-girl can’t be this cute.


  3. Yup it’s a must-have figurine considering that the amount of accessories it comes with and it’s reasonable for the price one has to pay for it. GSC’s quality control still remains an important issue though. Hope they start to do something about it. Overall it is good. Sena is simply cute 🙂


    1. Well considering the size of what they’ve turned into, they better not end up as another Bandai. I mean Bandai is good, but every once in a while you get a huge herp derp from one of their products.

      = w=)a


        1. Yeah if that happens, I’m gonna be a sad Nendo-fan. I can see MF’s QC visibly falling already..not going to be really surprised if GSC follows along. =(

          On a positive note, I love how Yozora and Sena can combine their sofas and have their good old bantering. I kind of regret missing out on Yozora now. =3


  4. ahhhmaaan the face with the dazzling eyes just brings out her true character. the lovely and beautiful otaku girl. seeing that there’s a psp accessory is a huge bonus for me. there are so many opportunities to use it with other nendoroids and whatever figures.


  5. I must say, not only do I think Sena is absolutely adorable, but I also love your style of review. The comic bits gave it a lot of personality, and I laughed at the Star Wars reference at the beginning. You also have a very nice way of putting your photos together. A+ review!


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