Thoughts of A Collector

I apologize that since the blog is still going through changes, there isn’t much of the usual review/comic contents. That, however gave me time to think about a certain issue. An issue most collectors, I’m certain, also faced once or is still facing.

But first, let me tell you my backstory, just a paragraph long. This is not my first dive at such hobby, back in ’96 I used to collect and build gunplas. I was only absorbed in one line, bandai’s gunplas. It went on until 2000, where at that time my father passed away exactly when i arrived at the hospital (he was there for a while). I never got the chance to show him that my score was fourth best in the entire school. After that, i went to college. Due to the issues of going to college and other entry exams, my gunplas became more and more uncared for. So i decided to stop it. I love my gunplas to bits, so i didn’t sell em off. Instead i gave em all to various people who i know would take care of it like their own family. Life went on, as i got a job, quitted, started a business, married. I was, to say the least have become part of a system, an automaton, doing the same routine over and over Get-up – work – sleep. I was borderline bored and easily stressed out when i remember something my father said once.

His Grave

“One day you will become a father for your kids,
a husband for your wife,
a leader at work,
a helping hand for your community
and a friend to those dear to you.
What will be left of the “real you” is your INNER CHILD.
never let it die and you will live a happy life.”

And on July 2011, i started collecting again. This time it’s not gunplas because i don’t have the time or fatigue left as i used to, being drained most of it by work. So yeah, here i go articulated figures.

Enter Dead Master

Here she is, my first articulated figure and also my first figure in a long time since 2000. The moment i got her it was love at first sight, something like that anyway. This is it, she’s the beginning of everything you have seen up till now.

But as it goes, i started seeing more and more into details. Some of the figmas are poorly detailed, i don’t mean the really minor issues in which you need to zoom in to see, but also the obvious ones.

So what do i want? Details? No… if i wanted details i’d be diving straight to static scale figures. I GOT IT, playability. And with it begins me going to collect things that are not from the same company line.

Enter Azunyan

Azunyan was my first nendoroid, and yes, nendoroids are fun to play with. I mean they’re adorable, can be positioned for various moe-comical situations and they’re just… too damn adorable. But i again met a speedbump, one does not simply pose nendoroids a free as they want.

And the cycle starts again, it’s not detail, nor playability only… i wonder what’s missing…

This cycle was the longest, it made me order a lot of things just to see if that line fits what i’m looking for…

Revoltechs, AGPs, CEAJs … Still … i haven’t found what i was looking for… UNTIL.

Enter Busou Shinki

Eh? Figure stores? uhm… well they’re moe mechamusume’s i’ll give em that. Fits my taste but i wonder if…

Enter Busou Shinki

Eh? They’re 1:1 Figure sized microbots? Cool, that means their size is perfect as a collectible and also to animate in comics. Wait, whadaya mean you don’t need to animate personalities for them? They’re already have a “canon” personality to them don’t they?

“Shinkis learn from their Master, as such, a shinki is the best partner you can have”

So… they have a canon trait yet no canon personality?


Wait, ok i’m interested, since they do fill up most of the things i was looking for but I’m not really sure the actual figures are able to do the things we see on…

Picture from Leitan - MFC
Picture from Leitan – MFC

Ok that’s some serious articulation there… I finally found it, the line i was looking for. A figure, a partner, a personality. The joints aren’t pretty? Nah, it doesn’t matter they’re micro partner bots. They’re meant to be practical, not pretty.

I’ve finally found the main line I’m going to pursue, a partner, a figure, a personality.

But what about the others? No I’m not leaving them out, it’s just that from now on, i will be concentrating 80% on getting shinkis. The rest still moves on but as a side dish, meaning i’ll only get them if i really love them. Also i won’t forget to complete my remaining missing pieces.

And that’s the end of my search, some of you might be over it a long time ago. Some of you might still be in it. So i hope this post can help you all in search of that perfect line for you. Because let’s face it, even though Ash said “Gotta get them all”, he still catches pokemons only. Not that I’m saying that you guys should concentrate on ONE line, but when you have made that decision to concentrate most of your resources on ONE line, you will find that your hobby life is easier on the wallet and in the mind.

Flight View
Image by Paulldy and Polennicus from MFC

Well, do note that this post is just about my journey in finding a product line to concentrate on, it might be different preferences for you. But the goal of my post is to share how i’ve come into a conclusion on what my preferred product line will be.


21 Replies to “Thoughts of A Collector”

  1. My first ever figure was the Revoltech Fraulein series Yoko, and there on… yeah, I got a few more others ;). But I still do collect gunplas tho.
    Good thing I’m pretty selective in getting a figure, otherwise wallet bleeds wallet dies. lol.
    Ah, Busou Shinki series. Very flexible but very… ouch. On the wallet.
    As for folks who complaint about us animate our figures… Well, it IS ours and WE paid for that.
    Then again, look at what Woody owners had done with their’s. 😉


    1. I won’t leave my already collected lines, I’m just going to be super selective. Putting priorities on the missing numbers first.

      I just wish i knew shinkis sooner… I mean when you preorder them, they’re not as expensive as you’d think. Pricing right there like a full packed figma for about 5000-6000 yen.

      The key here is buying them in paired bundles, they’re cheaper. XD


  2. I also used to collect gunpla (1/100 scale and SD) back in early 2000, then stopped and moved to anime scale. Then stopped again for 3-4 years, until 2011 last year when I dived into the realm of figma.

    Right now, I am buying stuff in the figma, Revoltech, and S.H.Figuarts line. I got a preorder in RIO:bone for Stocking, but I haven’t seen the real thing yet so I can’t say anything about the line’s quality.

    I know very well that all these action figure lines are not “scaled”, but they are quite close to 1/12 scale. So I am sticking to stuff that are produced in that approximate scale size, or at least within the 10 to 15cm range. Easier to display them together when they are around the same height.

    That said, how big is the typical Shinki?


  3. Same here, came from gunpla hobby but stopped *due to overwhelming kawaiiness of 2d girls* Append Miku is my first figure and I’m really to have entered this hobby XD About shinkis well, I don’t really, I am a fan, but of the games personally, they just to expensive T_T


  4. wahaha I started with Gunpla as well, will probably do a post on it as well,,and reason why I petered out in Gunpla?..time issues as well….XD

    Nice to see you doing a post about the thought process and I liked the Ash Pokemon metaphor..if there were digimon in pokemon, I’m pretty sure Ash would wanna catch them as well..just that there isn’t so he’s stuck catching em pokes =D

    Hahaha my main poison are Nendoroids and the rest are just my side interests…love taking photos of those chibi fellas!~


    1. It was a long process of searching, and money draining too. Hence, the various lines that i preordered just to see where it sticks.

      But some people think i’m one of the fastest to come to a decision, a couple of friends said they took more than a year at most to decide

      Maybe because of my life (probably age too) that i can come to a conclusion in less than a year.


  5. Interesting, I think I would have felt the same way. Thankfully enough, I got into figures, photography and blogging before I go into the daily routine of sleeping and work.

    figma still is the line for me, primarily because there keeps being figmas made of characters I like.

    Shinki’s are nice indeed, I would like a couple more actually. Coincidentally it’s a couple of the ones sculpted by the same sculptor for the figma line. I also still can’t get over the 1:1 scale thing, pretty amusing for me.


  6. Thanks for sharing a part of your life. its cool how you blog about figures and and meaningful lessons we can learn from. when you said,

    “I’ve finally found the main line I’m going to pursue, a partner, a figure, a personality.”

    I agreed completely. 🙂 Hope to keep hearing more like this from all blogs.


    1. A partner, those figures must mean something to me, not just a pretty face or godlike detail, sculpt and playability. It has to be able to has a place in my life along with my family.

      A figure, both literally and metaphorically. They have to be fun to be with, else your hobby life will be cut short.

      A personality, this is open for debate. But personally a figure must have a “personality” when being taken pictures of. Instead of just “another great toy” or “another pretty statue”


      1. i appreciate the further explanation… esp the partner one. having a bit of thought on where my figures are in my life. XD I’ll take those words to heart.


        1. It’s how to keep a hobby alive and kicking till you can’t move a muscle anymore. It’s what it means to be alive in general. Making sure everything you do, you get, means SOMETHING. X3


  7. This is truly a nice post and sorry to hear about your father. I like how you say about finding partner and meaning through your hobby life. I got my first anime figurine from a friend and it’s a nenderoid petit one. Somehow anime figurines gave some meaning to my life, as if something I’m able to look forward to. That’s why I started collecting them 2 years ago. 🙂 My favourite lines of figures are figma’s and max factory scale figures. I love that feeling when you get to see your favourite characters from every angles. Figurine, to me is a beautiful art form. And thanks for your advice^^


    1. The key was always finding the right place for it. Where are our figures places in our life. That’s why it’s called a hobby, something you do repetitively and you enjoy it to the max. Even work can become a hobby.

      It’s what keeps you always “on the edge of expectations”, that moment when you look at your figures and you will always think, there will be more of them.

      I am however against hoarding, if you have no more space to put them aesthetically then it’s time to say your farewells to those you are willing to part with.


  8. 80 percent of the collectors I’ve met along the way just had to play gunpla at some points, I wonder why. I’m currently focusing on characters, as you’ve already know, it actually help reducing my expense on things but I always had these stupid impulsive buying like you’ve had for bags and stuffs. How’d you work with it?


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