Review: Figma Seitenshi Kamineko

This is finally it, after the problems with her i can finally bring her to life. This review will be something special, so stick around till the end to  see what it is. Let’s get it started then. The review of Figma Seitenshi Kamineko.

Review Figma Seitenshi Kamineko

Review Figma Seitenshi Kamineko

First off, the box. While it serves its purpose, i see nothing really extravagant from it, except from the side art depicting our lovely angel, Ruri. Then again himecuts are a moe point plus for me so i might be biased here O wO)a

Review Figma Seitenshi Kamineko

Now to the actual fun parts, in her blister she comes with:

  • 2 Alternate faceplates
  • 1 Alternate front hairpiece with the mask
  • 1 Hand holding her mask
  • 1 Extra bust piece
  • 1 Picnic basket
  • 1 Handbag
  • 2 Empty books, closed and opened
  • 1 Figma Stand set
  • 6 Extra hands in the hand rack

Now considering that she is an Exclusive Limited product, the number of accessory is rather disappointing. But remember that her very presence is a blessing enough that she is even made, instead of being left out as an “i-wish-they-made-her/him” item. But let’s not dwell on that much and see how she actually is.

Review Figma Seitenshi Kamineko

Ah yes, lovely. Well one thing for sure is that the detailing on her seems rather “sloppy” but that is not the case here, as i think her ribbons both on her sleeve and hair, as brittle and dangerous as it may be, add that certain charm to her. Care should be taken when turning her joints or posing her because these tiny ribbons are brittle and can break easily. As you can see, there is also the matter of her hairband. It is not as “clean” as it should be, i know they’re aiming to make that “frilled” effect but there actually isn’t any on her headband, just paints made to look that way and on mine, it was rather sloppy.

Review Figma Seitenshi Kamineko

Moving lower to her upper torso. The detailing on her upper dress and  waistline is superb, i personally like the detail on the choker as it’s really well painted slightly sculpted. I have heard though that others doesn’t have a sculpted collar and instead just a painted on choker with only the buckle sculpted. But on mine, it was made well.

Moving on to her arms, TAKE CAUTION, those bows on her sleeves are brittle as hell. When you turn her elbow joints always make sure that it doesn’t crash into the bows as it will break them, i almost broke mine but the second i realize it was nearly broken i stopped turning, so instead mine was safe.

And on her back, this is where it gets tricky, see that flower on her back? You can remove it to reveal a peg hole meant to use for the stand. But if you don’t want to use the stand you can keep the flower in place.

Review Figma Seitenshi Kamineko

Now, moving yet lower. I have one issue here, her skirt is of slightly different shade than her upper dress. The frills though are of the same color with the rest of the frills on her dress. The gold lining is crisp though yet slightly seem too “marker”ish.

Her “wings” are also on a swivel joint, meaning that you can turn the wings and sash around to either give more clearance or for posing purposes. Do note however not to bend it unless it’s really really necessary because it’s not meant to be bent.

Now moving lower again to her feet, this is where my gripe starts, her ankles seem like it’s been made as is. No really, they could have shaped it better to hide those ankle joints better. But considering the posability clearance of her foot, i begin to think that’s not such a bad trade-off.

Review Figma Seitenshi Kamineko

Now moving on to another of her accessory is the hand holding mask. The sculpt on the mask seems… i dunno… as is? Like it’s been nastily broken off a bigger runner. No, not because the mask was supposed to be half broken but on the overall quality of the mask sculpt. But detail wise, the paintings on the mask is crisp and clean.

Review Figma Seitenshi Kamineko

Next up is her alternate front hairpiece which holds her mask… except for that scary brittle ribbon issues again, i simply love love love LOVE it. Hence this shot really captures what i like about it, it makes her seem so… cute yet mysterious… and cute and mysterious… and cute and mysterious, have i already said cute and mysterious? No? Ok it made her looked mysteriously cute.

Review Figma Seitenshi Kamineko

Now moving onto her bag and picnic basket, i… is there anything i can say more than you can already see? I mean it has nice details and sculpt, also serves it purposes.

Review Figma Seitenshi Kamineko

And the books, i love how there are 2 different types of hands to hold the books. One with her holding it while closed, and the other while she shows it to you being opened. Something is off though as i can’t seem to find the stickers to go with it… How about yours?

Review Figma Seitenshi Kamineko

Now another gimmick i find pleasing is that you can remove her lower skirt, but there is one issue. The last pic… i mean they could’ve made the slit LESS obvious you know… I mean i understand it’s so you can have more freedom of movement but come on, even Ayase’s and Kirino’s skirt slit was hidden better.

And so with it, ends my review of Kamineko. So, what do i think about her, despite her skirt issues which i manage to fix and the issues spread throughout i still think she is a worthy buy for Ruri fans. She’s just that adorable. But for the rest of the folks? I don’t really recommend as even though she’s a limited exclusive run she really comes with nothing fancy or breathtaking.

So i gave her a:

Preference Award

Hope you enjoyed the review, because despite her issues. I really do love her to bits, i mean that.

Review Figma Seitenshi Kamineko

Review Figma Seitenshi Kamineko

Review Figma Seitenshi Kamineko

Which comes to the point of the little surprise i mentioned way at the start of the post. Well i can’t share it here but i will make a dedicated post to it. It’s a major issue concerning me and this blog as it will be the end of an old cycle. Also the birth of a new one. Stay tuned for said post.


10 Replies to “Review: Figma Seitenshi Kamineko”

  1. Scary that it has a lot of brittle parts, I love the faceplate with the mask on!!! Like the tiny angel wings too.. =3 I actually saw this Figma yesterday at a local cosplay event, thought it looked familiar and just remembered right now that it was you who had problems with QC of the product XD


  2. What do you mean when you said you can’t find the stickers to go with the books?

    Did your package not come with the piece of sticker strip? Have you checked the inside of the box completely? Would definitely be a double blow to you if the sticker wasn’t included within your copy.


      1. Oh crap. If you were in Singapore, I would definitely give you my spares of the sticker.

        Well, you can now go about sticking some random stickers you have lying around then. Like those mini Hello Kitty ones I know you keep in your drawer stash. (j/k) haha


  3. Oh man…the lack of stickers is really terrible..=O

    Despite me having Kuroneko as Figma and Nendoroid..I got to say that Kamineko possess a charm that the darker versions of Ruri doesn’t have.. =3 The jagged edges of the mask is rather jarring though..but overall she’s real pretty~


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