A Letter to The Readers

This will probably more of a letter than a post, so kindly read this with a different air than all my previous posts.

To all the readers, followers and lurkers.

Thank you for staying with me in this short time since my blog has been established on September 2011.

Don’t be alarmed as this is not a letter of closure, although in a sense, this will be a closure of sorts.

To make this blog better for my own personal sharing experience i have decided to undergo a drastic measure, as in relieving control over it to someone else. I will still be the main Administrator of this blog, but most of the post, editing, administrating will be done by another in the future.

I will not however, relieve all that control just yet. From the day this letter was posted, i will be choosing new designs, new layouts, and even, if i feel like it, a new domain. I will make tweaks, changes and edits to every single post for the new design.

So i would ask for all the reader’s understanding if sometimes the layout/theme changed or if something went bonkers. I will appreciate it very much if you notify me of it through the about me page form.

About the new manager of this blog, don’t worry. I don’t randomly pick a manager, in fact i’m pretty sure the new manager will fit in just fine with the rest of you who are accustomed to my style of blogging.

And don’t be surprised if this blog suddenly turned into a team blog, as i’m sure in the future manager will appoint more to help in running the blog. I have confidence in the new manager’s decision and skill.

This process will probably take time until the 1st week of May, as i see it, that is the required time needed to make the adjustments both to this blog and to the management transfer. When the time has come, i will post my last post here. From that post forward the new manager will be the extension of my thoughts and works in this blog.

Now comes the big question, who will be the new manager of this blog?

I can only ask of ALL of you, followers, friends, blog partners and lurkers to patiently wait for it. I promise you, in my last post on the first week of May i will introduce that manager properly and it will not disappoint.

So with it ends my letter, if you have comments, questions as to why i’m doing this, feel free to respond. But i will clearly state that for reasons i can’t disclose the new manager’s identity can not be revealed yet.

Thank you for your time and patience.

Sincerely, Yamadipati.

Me, as depicted by lizdunz, a friend on Instagram.

18 Replies to “A Letter to The Readers”

  1. Ooh, I thought you will be closing your blog. Guess not 😡 It would be too sad if that happened.

    Anyway, if you guys are forming a team, will all of you be dealing with figures too? If that’s the case, then it is pretty interesting, to see a team of figure reviewers, lol. I’m sure the blog will be full of different varieties of figures if this really happens.


    1. Well let me tell you one thing, the team I’m forming at the moment consists only me and this manager only. In time she will appoint more I’m sure of it.

      Also the manager has an up close and personal approach to figure news and reviews. We’ll hear more on the first week of May with my last post :3


    1. I assure you that is not the issue, I’m simply making the blog more lively and entertaining, yet accurate and informative at the same time.

      I will still be overseeing the things that happens on this blog, after all, new managers are new, i can’t really leave them alone on the first dive.


    1. As of now i chose the triton-lite theme as it shows a no sidebar full width page for each posts, more emphasis on the pictures and less distraction.

      All sidebar contents and blog buddy links are moved below each page/post in an elaborate 3-4 column footer and the homepage features a showcase of latest posts.

      The only thing I’m far from done now is the header logo


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