Mash-up Post: Preorders, Thoughts and Line Shifting

Well This is my first mash-up post, i know i haven’t been posting stories much of late because i have some work that needs to be done, especially with last week’s Easter. But bear with me on this post, as this will be a post of preorders/orders and also a musing on my thoughts on a certain figure line.

First of all, let’s start with the thoughts. Remember this post? Well sad news is GSC cannot give their support on this issue, it’s because Kamineko was a dengeki special that was meant for internal Japan distribution only. Add to that i bought it off a local seller, which means my Kamineko arrived late. In GSC’s reply, they apologize for the inconvenience and elaborate on the reason above, they also apologize that due to the late nature of my complaint, they ran out of spares already.


It hit me like a bad case of migraine, so i set out to find ways on how to fix the issue in the pic below.

Kamineko Skirt Defects

I went around for a while on forums, other blogs and facebook groups to see how to fix this issue. Luckily i was able to find a solution for it. They’re called Isopropyl Alcohols.

Isopropyl Alcohol 70% Swabs
Isopropyl Alcohol 70% Swabs

Many of said sources said that due to the nature of Figma and Revoltech’s coat and paint, Isopropyl Alchohols or in short IPA are safe to use in moderation. That it will not cause any damage to the coat nor paint, so i went away, with the girls watching anxiously at me rubbing away the nasty dirt-like mess on Ruri’s skirt.

Good news is, it paid off. Here’s the result.

Fixed Kamineko Skirt

Fixed Kamineko Skirt

With this i finally can bring Kamineko to life. I just hope the girls won’t mention to her about her skirt issues before…

Which brings me to this thought… SERIOUSLY MAX FACTORY??? Are you fucking retarded???

If the defect is not visible unless zoomed into i can totally understand it. But this issue was in PLAIN SIGHT! What kind of blind QC staff are you guys hiring there? To add gasoline to the fire, THIS WAS AN EXCLUSIVE RELEASE!

This issue, totally TOTALLY killed my faith in MaxFac. I was dumbstruck, baffled, disappointed totally. So i promised myself, i won’t be getting figmas unless i really really want that character/figure… I’m not retiring from figmas or won’t complete my remaining series, but I’m going to be super tight selective on getting figmas from now on. If  i ever forget this, please remind me. No, seriously, please do.

So that means what? Well i will still get Nendos, Revoltech QBs. But it also means I’m finally opening up to a whole new possibility to pursue other lines. So while i was running around in online stores i stumble upon this girl…

Busou Shinki Proxima

Do my eyes deceive me? I know Busou Shinkis are already present since 2004 but… i NEVER KNEW they made characters whose armor aren’t just mechanical armors. Mecha Musumes… mashed together with a MonMusu design, the centaur, I’m sold. Her name is, Proxima.

So let’s take a short paragraph to explain the backstory of Shinkis. In the distant future, well not so distant, they are 1:1 scale microbots. Yes that means their real size is just THAT BIG. They’re battle bots, made and sold by various companies as your battle partners. Yes they’re your battle partners in the Busou Shinki Grand Prix. How well they fight, how well they utilize their skills are dependent of how you “raise and train” them.They can also use what is called Wave Link, connecting the owner and the shinki together in thoughts turning from full AI battles into a paired battle of AI and Owner/Master/Partner. They’re also modular, meaning you can stick another’s armaments/armor on them. I suppose this video sums it up better.

Back to the Shinki that caught my attention is her… Proxima. When i was asking around most of the people said the same thing, “If you were previously from another line, i suggest starting from the MMS3rd Series. Because MMS3rd have matte coated face and hair.” Whereas the old Shinkis are not, meaning, older version of shinkis still have faces that would outshine a chrome coated rims.

So i went out and searched for her. Damn you, Konami. I should have known about her when she was released back in January 2011…

Busou Shinki Proxima

FOUND HER. I finally found her in Yahoo Auction Japan, luckily i won the bid at ¥4900. Finally, my first shinki… though I’m kind of skeptical of her attitude… Centaurs are known to be extremely proud creatures… Somehow she might be a real handful…

Busou Shinki Proxima

But i was pleased in acquiring her. Her modes of armaments is really something, but i particularly like her Centaur Mode. Maybe i should try Wave Linking with her when she feels comfortable about it. After all, i have a feeling Wave Linking won’t be as effective if she doesn’t consider me her battle partner, or just another Owner/Master.

I’m set that after she arrives, I’m going to look for another one. A very unique Shinki and her name is Sharatang (don’t worry girl, once i have you around i promise to change that name of yours).

Busou Shinki Sharatang

Yep your eyes are not playing tricks. She is a soundwave type shinki, her armaments are a cello, a violin and an accordion. If there’s one thing i like about battling mecha musumes are battling mecha musumes that would serenade you to your grave. She is simply, elegantly deadly. Once Proxima arrives i will hunt her down, although i know her price would already skyrocketed to at least ¥13000.

This however doesn’t mean i will be leaving the figma line altogether, i just became extra selective. For instance i still preordered Persona 4’s Amagi yukiko figma.

Figma Amagi Yukiko

I preordered her from AmiAmi for ¥2250, because i simply love her to bits. and of course because of the faceplate below…

 Figma Amagi Yukiko

D’awwwww that’s cute… no really… it is… and of course the extra accessory below

Figma Amagi Yukiko

So yeah, like i said. I won’t be leaving the line, just became really really picky in what i want.

So these are my thoughts, my orders and preorders of late. I’m still busy for another week, so i hope after that i can return to show the girls’ daily shenanigans… I just hope Proxima can get along just fine when she arrives… or maybe not… she IS a centaur type shinki after all. So expect a degree of arrogance from her…


16 Replies to “Mash-up Post: Preorders, Thoughts and Line Shifting”

  1. Wow… a Shinki. Always wanted to get the model T-301 Vic Viper one but the price…
    Max Factory nowadays the QC is very iffy. You may or may not get lucky…


    1. Actually I’m very excited as Proxima will be my first shinki… Though i should have gone for a more modest shinki… With a centaur’s pride and being the first, i can see where this might lead…

      Sharatang will be hunted next, then BabyRazz.

      The reason i became this way with figma is… good grief, Kamineko was an EXCLUSIVE LIMITED product. At the very least they should’ve put an eye out more on her QC.

      But back to shinkis, their prices are ouchies, but considering the modularity, the bonus DLC that comes with each of them (Yes when you buy NEW shinkis, you get DLC codes to unlock that character on the game), and also the ridiculous posability… They’re not supposed to be pretty, they’re modular fighting microbots XD. Besides, Konami has been upping their ante on the shinkis lately.

      And if you really want the T-301 Vic Viper there are 2 girls, Virvietta (red) or Lirbiette (blue) i suggest use a proxy to hunt on Yahoo Auction Japan. Since sometimes new products are auctioned at a cheap starting bid point. To be honest i won Proxima at ¥4901, yep that’s right +1 i bid 1 at the very last second over the previous bidder XD


  2. You might be a little hasty with the figma line. Yes sometimes there is some QC issues but I find that to be expected.That’s that, I hope Max Factory regains your trust someday.

    Busou Shinki are nice, quite expensive though even more so if you want older releases. I own myself an Arnval Tempesta MK II, really nice, lots of display options with all the parts. My only problem is that they feel flimsier than a figma.


  3. Despite all that crap from GSC/MF, at least they bothered to give you a reply? I’m really glad the alcohol worked and now Kamineko looks all good to go~

    Since I started from Gunpla before going into figurines, if I got a release with small defects, I would just probably do something about it on my own, slight painting or topcoating it..however what happened to Kamineko is horrible. =3

    And doesn’t Yahoo Auctions Japan have a middleman cost due to not having international shipping..? Or was that Amazon? Looking forward to your review, never really thought about Konami stuff before. =3


    1. Actually shinkis fed one to three moe points for me, hence why i choose them first.
      And about the issue of kamineko. What disappoints me is that this is and exclusive + limited run product. If it was a normal release i wouldn’t dwell on it too much.
      Expect changes and surprises to this blog. There will be a lot.


  4. Man, Can I suggest you to buy both cattleya’s Nendoroids and/or her revoltech? another one I think you can got is Chosokabe motochika drom sengoku basara. I you use rana-kun (Cattleya’s son) in one review i think all will love


    1. I don’t fancy QB nendoroids, but I’m still looking for a new mint Cattleya Revoltech. So far the search brings me naught since Amazon Japan is expensive as hell @_@ but once i find her i will be sure to put up a review along with Rana


  5. Welcome to the dark side^^
    I still remember failing 5 times in a row on 5 different Panzer auction back then, and it made me stop buying shinki… for 2 weeks :p

    Seriously, their modularity is what amazes me the most. I could spend the entire night fiddling with so many configs for my Murmeltier even when I only managed to get 1 *_*

    Grats for your Proxima! I remember someone could made that awesome waverider-mode or something on chan board (or was it fg? dunno LOL) which almost made me get a proxima… but I never really have the guts (and $$) to get her yet 😦


      1. Oh God, a shopping spree! Just a little tip, be careful or you won’t have that little extra ammo when opportunity comes 🙂 Hunting shinki isn’t really the same like some other mainstream’s figure collecting due to their rarity and small fanbase, they can’t be re-sold quickly too, I guess they belong to those ‘sluggish’ category. Oh wait, last time I made a careful evaluation to buy a shinki, someone got her first T_T So I guess it really depends on luck and collector’s instinct *LOL*

        Anyway, Sharatang is one of those shinkis who haven’t yet to get a recolor treatment. I think we still have some opportunities left^^


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