Sounds of Life

After the issue with my kamineko and the constant anxiety arising whenever i stopped working, expecting that mail from GSC, i listen to more music than i usually do.

Sounds of Life
Sounds of Life

This post was also inspired by AceRailgun’s Music Time #3 – Music That Will Calm You Down. Since I’ve been listening to most of these kind of music to calm myself from going into a total outrage. I might as well share what kind of noises i hear on a daily basis.

There are 3 kinds of music i listen to:

  • Easy/Commercial Music: The kind of music that is crappy as hell, has no depth let alone make any sense, but nice to hear just to accompany you while doing things
  • Quality Music: The kind of music that has actual harmony and depth and usually heard during my resting time after work, or while needing that extra kick in the mood.
  • Unique Music: These are the kind of music that i think are unique and i only listen to them on corresponding times.

Now, i like hearing easy/commercial music such as LMFAO, AKB48 and so on and so on. I also love quality music like Queen, Yamazaki Masayoshi and the rest. But that’s not what I’m about to share, I’m about to share the unique music i hear.

Let’s get to the point, then. What I’m about to share would probably be weird to most of you, hence why i classify them as unique. I hear them during certain times when the situation fits the song just perfectly. They are:

Ali Project – God Diva

There are no words (for me anyway) that can explain this song other than: creepy, awesome, epic. The way she sang the Queen of The Night part as the intro and insert is just awesome and the lyrics are something else too.


Saa sa youkoso
Koko ga kyuusai no chi
Anata wa tada damatte
Mi o makasereba ii
Wasurenasai wasurenasai
Kono yo no uyamuya o
Nozomu michiyuki michisugara
Bara-iro katasutorofu


Come on, come on, welcome
Here is the land of salvation
You should just be silent
And entrust your body to me
Please forget, please forget
About the indefiniteness of this world
On the way of the road that you desire
There’s a rose-colored catastrophe

The song is about giving yourself into your inner desires, be it insanity, carnal, rage or something else. Because the world we live in is already fucked, nothing you do now will change it for better or worse. So why not just jump into the bandwagon and set your real self free?

Hatsune Miku – Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro

This song is in a single word, creepy. I LOVE IT! This song simply is about a party of an oni and a zombie. Wait, that’s it? HELL NAW, listen to the lyrics carefully and you can come to two different conclusions.

The author himself, Hachi, wrote on his blog and he was talking about how innocent children’s “innocence” can actually turn destructive and evil, and also criticizing the general cold and indifferent attitude of the public. He added at the end, however, that he was “limited” in what he could say.

The fans on the web, though, seem to be more inclined to believe that the song is actually about the tragic life of the Japanese prostitutes (“cats” in slang). The prostitutes “join up” with and “open up” for their patrons, abort the babies that they accidentally conceive (skulls in their belly), and get right back into business the next day (before the rooster could crow). It is also said that the title of the song, the Rakshasa and the corpse, hints at the cruel relationship between the patron (a man-eating demon) and the prostitute (a corpse).

But putting that aside, the song is eerily catchy. ~(” ~) rai (~ “)~ rai, rasetsu to mukuro!

Ar Tonelico 2 – Harmonics_FRELIA

Dude, what the f*** is up with that title? No, you saw it right, It’s written that way because all Ar Tonelico songs are using their own language. Yep, the writers of Ar Tonelico created a fully functional, systematical and fluent language called HYMNNOS. Along with it’s own alphabets, phonetics, hell they even created different dialects for it. The songs are sung using various dialects in one single song. Displaying the author/writer’s capabilities in creating something totally new.

And yes, you CAN learn Hymnnos. Unlike many other languages that are sometimes inaudible and only is a “literal” version of our present languages. Hymnnos is complete with its idioms, poetic even sarcastic words and grammar. FYI, i can speak hymnnos also which is kinda hard to explain… but let me get to that later.

Hymnnos is not your usual language, they aren’t spoken, they’re sung. Yes that means this is (in Ar Tonelico) like a “true” language, that speaks directly to your soul, invoking rage, inspiration, strength. It also can invoke degrading effects such as sadness, submission, even death. So yes when i said sung, it has intonations just like any other language, but the use of intonations in hymnnos is different, when you “sing” it, depending on the tone of the previous word, the word itself and the following words can produce different meanings altogether. Including the speed of the words you sing and even then phonetic length.

Back to the song. I love it simply because it’s a song speaking directly to your heart, not you. It gives peace, assurance, encouragement -that the singer of the song will set the heart of the person that the song is meant for- will give all her might, to sing for you. In Ar Tonelico’s sense, for a Reyvateil (those who can “sing” hymnnos) to completely give her very existance to the person she sings to.

Hearing this song, especially to those who understands, is like hearing someone speaking directly to you and you only. As that’s how hymnnos is, only the Reyvateil’s partner can understand the true meaning of the song she sang. Others would simply “Don’t get it”.

Much like this one

So there you have it, 3 of my most prefered unique songs. What about yours? Let me know what unique songs you like.


3 Replies to “Sounds of Life”

  1. Oh man I heard the Miku one before but I didn’t know there were so many things going on with her…one of the things I love about Touhou and Vocaloids are the tremendous creativity present with their stuff. =3

    The songs that really gets me are those with some really groovy tunes that makes
    me want to move along with it and recently this has gotten stuck in my head


  2. You can shove any kind of music into my head and I won’t really complaint about it :3 except our country’s dangdut, I can’t listen to them anymore ever since Meggy Z died.

    My favorite artist at the moment, ONE OK ROCK, I’ve listened to them ever since their start. I’ve seen them crawl and it’s somewhat motivating me to go forward in life. They sang rock music (you don’t say) but they sometimes do a ballad like this one and it sounds awesome.

    And lately I’ve been listening to this particular youtube artist. Probably it’s just me who are a little bit slow with western music nowadays so I can’t catch up with the trends but here goes Timeflies Tuesday.

    Last I have Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. No, it’s not the movie, but another band whose vocalist probably ate broken speakers and can’t speak properly. The lyric should be a mixture of Japan and English language, but all I can hear is gibberish and nonsense.


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