Delayed Life: Kamineko

There are no words that could express the disappointment and sadness… in which i have to delay the life of Kamineko… Max Factory’s QC was so… HORRIBLE… i couldn’t get myself to bring her to life… yet… 

I returned her to her box, and emailed GSC for replacements… Because simply, i have no heart to bring her to life under these conditions…

So she’ll have to wait, so will I. Until GSC responded and ships her replacements…

I feel sad to be honest, i don’t expect such a small and articulated figure to be perfect in a sense. But at the very least don’t mess things up THIS bad…

Don’t worry Ruri, you’ll be up soon.


22 Replies to “Delayed Life: Kamineko”

  1. Urgh. Those are really nasty stains. Never seen something so bad for a figma.

    Which email did you send to for QC problems? I am thinking of shooting a mail for a certain figma fault I have been putting up.



    if there is one thing I can’t stand is something so simple in Quality Control that could have been prevented if they just looked at the figure….


    1. I’m at a loss for words… i keep getting these items with issues… I already lost faith in max factory and it’s figma line though. I’d rather dive in AGPs, CEAJs or Shinkis…

      Not holding my breath for MaxFac to prove me wrong.


  3. Man…considering that this was the ‘white’ version of Kuroneko, they screwed it up so bad by having smudges on her…. =(

    Anyway I’m just curious..does GSC handle all enquiries or do you go back to your seller for an exhange?


          1. The safest bet so far that i’ve used are Isoprophyl Alcohol at 70% usually present in medical ready packed cotton swabs. Medical shops have those, just as for an Isoprophyl Alcohol swabs.


  4. Coming back to this topic, my Kaminko now has the same stain problem as yours. Initially there were no signs of the stain, but just recently when I checked again after months of staying in my shelf, the stains just mysterious surfaced. I suspect it might be the air, or my fingerprints that caused this. Thought I would just mention it. >_< So what exactly did you do to remedy the problem?


  5. Thanks Yama. I don’t have the alcohol swab at home. I will just have to bring her to school tomorrow and “borrow” the bottle from the school’s first aid box. LOL


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