You think you know me…? That’s where you’re wrong…

This post is another article that is both a musing and also a sharing post. Personally i never thought of a need to actually made this post but a certain circumstance that kept repeating itself forces my hand. So let’s get the show on the road… You think you know me?

So the first paragraph is going to be a short recap of who i am. My name is irrelevant, but i am basically born in ’83 married and blessed with a child. My wife is also an otaku but slightly different, she prefers animes and light novels more. I run a diner, mine, and thankfully it’s been providing me with enough to go on about our daily lives and our hobbies.

U Jelly???

DON’T! Because it’s not all ponies and rainbows. I have a hard time managing budgets for our hobbies (me and my wife), my work sometimes takes more of my time than i prefer, i have to support my little girl’s schooling also supporting her both in presence and financial issues.

Which also comes to this part.

Eun Ami in a collar

First of all I am a lifestyler, yes you heard that right, I am a Top, a Dominant, a Master, suit yourself what you wanna call it. This isn’t for everybody so if you don’t get it, then i kindly hope you don’t pester me about it. I do however respect those who sincerely ask about the lifestyle and wish to know more about the philosophy behind it. The lifestyle isn’t just about sex, it was never about sex, period. If you think you know the lifestyle just from a few NTR doujinshis and/or hentai/porn flicks, let me tell you that the image of the lifestyle conveyed to you from those sources are approximately 99% false and made by Lifestyle wannabes or less informed.

If you don’t know it well enough, keep your opinion to yourself. I would respect that more, rather than having you shove your beliefs down my throat.

Moving on to the next part.

My figures means MINE.

My figures means MINE, how i animate them, what life i breathe into them is my right. Figure bloggers live by this code, and they respect how every person breathe different kind of lives into their figures. So yeah, my girls, my right as to what personas to breathe into them. I kindly wish those who just found out about this unspoken rule respect it, Figure bloggers, Anime bloggers, Cosplay bloggers, doesn’t matter. When in Rome do as the Romans. Respect the blog you visit, if you have a disagreement say that with courtesy and manners.

This is apparent from all unpublished comments i choose to throw into the trash can of WordPress. Those who get their criticism published are those who said it accordingly, in a respectful, understandable way.

And the last part…

My moe points, in order of priority.

Fine Shaped Ass
Fine Shaped Ass
Himecut Hairstyles
Himecut Hairstyles
Mecha Musume
Mecha Musume (Robot Girls)
Mon Musume
Mon Musume / Monsuta Musume (Monster Girls)

Take into consideration these moe points of mine as they will reflect itself on my reviews, comics, articles and whatnots. And like other moe points of other bloggers and photographers, respect and tolerance is the key. If you happen to be at odds with one of these and have that itch to say it to my face. Then at the very least, say it with a degree of sensibility and respect. I will respond with such also.

And there you have it, another post of mine that is related to me and my blog. I hope this can help you understand me better and in turn i will try to understand the readers i know, or the readers i will get to know. However, as stated i have my ways, and i will keep doing it that way. Of course with moderation.


11 Replies to “You think you know me…? That’s where you’re wrong…”

  1. Good to be reminded of who I am actually reading from time to time and lol, NTR is never does reflect lifestyle *looks at Nagare Ippon, jk, love his art style* From my experiences, lifestyle is determined by one’s passion or drive/motivation, well at least that’s how I see it 😛 Same here! My figures, manga and the like are MINE, I love them as if they are extensions of my body 😀 Nice selection of moe points btw, I’m not sure of my pettanko, ponytail/twin tail, tsundere, miniskirt selection anymore


    1. Well people often have a wrong perception of the BDSM lifestyle mainly because of the false imagery by medias.

      Yeah from time to time i get unsightly comments flowing with bad language about how i animate my girls, i was like… “last time i checked these girls are mine… not yours…”


  2. They must’ve looooooooooots of free time on their hands by putting those comments (which I COULD use some of it now… orz).

    Like you’ve said it, our figures that we’ve bought are ours to animate.

    Also, I put my comments in moderation, too. All junk and irrelevant ones are swiss-cheesed with a five shots per second Balor rapid particle cannons.

    Not to forget, respect is a very rare value in modern times… Sadly.


    1. The diner’s been bustling like mad for easter. Now i have to deal with the aftermath of it lol. But once i get my groove back i should have time like i used to.

      Besides, i wasn’t planning a need to post this actually if it weren’t for the repeating of the same thing over and over. The most obnoxious one was, quote:

      “xxxxx iz so nt her, dood your ****ing er up” i replied through an email, since the comment was trashed, with this: “Come back when you have proper grammar, and while you’re at it, go get your own and animate her the way you want her to”


  3. I imagine that each figure, while made in the image of their original character depiction, along with their “canon” personality, also acquire a new set of behaviors when living with their respective owners. So to me in that sense, there’s no right or wrong way to animate or portray one such figurine.

    Such is the parallel world of figurines that we live in! >_< haha


    1. Exactly, now if only there were more people like you and the rest of the guys i know frequent here… lol the world would be a happier place…

      well maybe not, but life won’t be such a bitch XD


    1. Just want to make it clear to those unpublished comment writers that this is my blog, my girls and i animate them my way. If you have beef against it then at the very least say it properly.

      Speaking of which i’ll be having a bad one soon. I’ll make a post about it…


  4. Agreed! If everyone had the same thinking..the world would be a very boring place indeed..I visit everyone’s blog to see their views and learn new stuff and if you want to make friends, be polite and everything else will fall into place. =)

    And I like how you listed our your Moe-points…mon musume eh..I never really thought about them that much before…*drifts off into imagination*


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