Yamadipati’s Figure Body Works #1: Bring Me To Life

People have been asking about this through IMs and social medias, about my poses and shots for the girls. So this time I’m going to elaborate a bit about the body workings of a figure. The magic of aligning and arranging the joints and of course, bringing out the life of the girls. Today we will feature the lovely duo, Meiya and Sumika.

Yamadipati's Figure Body Works #1: Bring Me To Life

On the subject “Bring Me to Life” we will cover the general article of details. Yes, details in general. Sometimes, more often than not, minor details can bring out more life than letting it stand as is. In this topic I’m assisted by Meiya and Sumika because of their plugsuits, which helps emphasize the small details.

Onto the topic of details. It’s not extravagant nor a flashy change of poses. It’s those simple things like, the way their head turns and tilts, the way their shoulders are aligned and the way their hips “swing”. This also includes body twists as you all know women in general are curvy and those curves are one of the source of their sexual appeal. It is best to just “let it show” and emphasize it.

Yamadipati's Figure Body Works #1: Bring Me To Life

Notice how her upper torso is, the way she turns her head, her hip swing, her hands and legs. These little details may not be much but they add up to bring more life to  the usually posed shots.

Yamadipati's Figure Body Works #1: Bring Me To Life

The first topic would be the head. Never ever underestimate the power of a glance… Women used it throughout the ages to capture and ensnare man with it, thus always choose and decide where your girls will look, how her head will tilt and the direction in which she is facing. Sometimes it is good that she is NOT looking at the camera, but somewhere else to create that “look” which makes you curious as to what it is she is looking at. Take into consideration the position of her eyes, where it is looking and how it is looking.

Yamadipati's Figure Body Works #1: Bring Me To Life

As you can see by this pose, modeled by Meiya, the glance can be a powerful weapon in determining the “character” of the shot taken. As with this shot as an example, she can be seen looking intensely at you. With her head tilting a bit and facing slightly downwards. All from the way she “looks at you”.

Yamadipati's Figure Body Works #1: Bring Me To Life

Moving from the bottoms up. Leg positioning can also help to a degree that makes it seem like she’s “comfortable” with the pose. This is small and measly but add up with the rest it can make the shot more natural. Always remember that with leg positioning you must also adjust how the hip “swings”. As the two are inseperable along with torso and shoulder alignments, basic anatomical animation dictates that parts where the hip rises, the shoulder drops.

Yamadipati's Figure Body Works #1: Bring Me To Life

The waist and hip curves, the “deadly curve” i like to call it is what defines a woman, more than her bust. As seen from the picture if you have a curvy girl and it is clearly visible, always emphasize them to bring out the woman in them. Swing them outwards or inwards and paired with an arm gesture it can be really amazing.

Yamadipati's Figure Body Works #1: Bring Me To Life

Moving upwards we reach the bust and the shoulders, as you noticed, where the hip rises the shoulder drops, this is the natural symmetry of a human body. With a woman, such gesture and pose combination is more natural and brings more womanly charm to your photographed girls.

Yamadipati's Figure Body Works #1: Bring Me To Life

Onto the bust, remember that if your girl has a shapely and *cough* generous *cough* bust, USE IT, emphasize it but never to the point of exaggeration. Remember the key is to make it look NATURAL, not cheap…

Yamadipati's Figure Body Works #1: Bring Me To Life

Moving on to the next subject is the body twist, like i said before women are naturally curvy so the body twist can be DEVASTATINGLY gorgeous, combine it with hip “swings” and an arm gesture you can achieve something amazing out of a seemingly natural shot.


Yamadipati's Figure Body Works #1: Bring Me To Life

Notice how she’s not just standing, she is rather leaning forward… it’s visible from the way the body bends by a TINY DEGREE… can’t see it? from this angle no… but let’s move on…

Yamadipati's Figure Body Works #1: Bring Me To Life

Visible now? Yep, it really does bring out the fact that, yes she’s a sexy woman and she knows it. Also notice that her upper torso is also aligned that her … errr… tits… hahaha… I’m gonna get slapped for that… is still gravity enabled, with it leaning forward and a bit downwards.

Yamadipati's Figure Body Works #1: Bring Me To Life

Add all that with a nice choice of angle and what do you get? A sexy curvy Sumika… Can’t really tell that she has nice curves from her just standing straight right… hah-

Sumika: *slaps*

OUCH, ok ok!

Yamadipati's Figure Body Works #1: Bring Me To Life

And there you have it, bringing your girls to life in a short glance. Next time on YFBW #2, we will cover in more detail of how to utilize the “deadly curves” even those with fancy thick clothings.

Until next time, in Yamadipati’s Figure Body Works #2: Work The Middle.


14 Replies to “Yamadipati’s Figure Body Works #1: Bring Me To Life”

    1. That’s why I’m waiting for Cerberus Proj. x Yamato’s Creative Evolution Action Joint series, since they used the same articulation points and joints as Yamato’s VMF50 Fashion Doll line. Which means more points to play with.


  1. Was too distracted by the tight plugsuits. . . . Putting that aside you’re right, small details and the posing of your figure can greatly affect its playability, presentation and your appreciation of the figure.


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