Preorders: Armor Girl Project – Cecilia Alcott x Blue Tears

I… didn’t plan to get this honestly… but that sudden urge… and that sudden drive after seeing her changes… made me wanna get it. Armor Girl Project, Infinite Stratos x Tamashii Arrow… Cecilia Alcott with her Blue Tears

Do note however that there are changes from the original one, as noted by the web

Quote: “…This time, In order to provide better quality products further, with regard to the “Armor Girls project Infinite Stratos Blue Tears × Cecilia Olcott” new product was expected to be released in March 2012 will be moved to April 2012, will be the change as follows: “
Armor Girls Project - Cecilia Alcott x Blue Tears
Body - Before


Armor Girls Project - Cecilia Alcott x Blue Tears
Body - After


And not to mention they changed most of the size and detail of her Blue Tears IS unit too…


Armor Girls Project - Cecilia Alcott x Blue Tears
Detail Before


Armor Girls Project - Cecilia Alcott x Blue Tears
Detail After


Armor Girls Project - Cecilia Alcott x Blue Tears
Detail After


She’s available through Ami Ami and already set for the new price and release. in Late April 2012 for ¥6880.

I already preordered her, because chicks, plugsuit, boobies, huge guns, mechs in one package are definitely an instant sold on my part… Add a tsundere ojou-sama type with drill locks and i think my soul just got pwnd by the devil himself.


Bandai AGP x IS Plans
Bandai AGP x IS Plans : Colored are products that has a prototype

Things are looking mighty fine so far, i guess Bandai is going to try and topple’s Konami’s Busou Shinki reign…

23 Replies to “Preorders: Armor Girl Project – Cecilia Alcott x Blue Tears”

  1. Well, forget Nendo’s as a first purchase I know what I want to buy now ^^

    As a amateur aspiring collector, I am not the biggest fan of the way the joints look, but for the way it is now (specially the pictures on AmiAmi) I am willing to make an exception. Was considering to start off my collection with some Beach Queen figures, but I am interested in checking out Bandai’s other wares. (especially the IS Figures. Where is my Houki and Charlotte)


    1. Have faith, you must. For like busou shinkis… I’m sure bandai will continue the whole AGP line that consists of IS (Infinite Stratos) and MSG (Mobile Suit Girls) ….

      But like busou shinkis… get ready for stock availability because I’m DAMN sure they’ll be like BS’ which is not overflowing…


      1. I shall believe my friend, I shall believe. I hope they do continue the AGP, seems like it would catch on among hardcore figure collectors. I am not familar with the MSG products, but the IS one is enough to grab my attention. Also, they could not pick something more exciting than AGP (Armored Girl Project) for a name? Not a problem, but just saying ^^

        Oh, this that so? Seems like their might be a spike in pre-orders then.


  2. I not sure about this one yet, sure she comes with a lot of stuff but her price is close to a scale figure’s, I guess it all ends up to how much I love Cecilia (though I am a Rin-chan fan myself).


          1. Only thought of buying a shinki once, but after playing the portable games I can say I’m satisfied with the line already (they have some really interesting characters actually)


  3. I’m not really sold on Banda’s bishoujos as they always look slightly awkward. However what Bandai does real well are those mechas and boy does it look good here as well. =D

    But for 6800Yen, I think I can resist, since getting one makes you want to get all. XD


    1. lol X3

      but i’m broke definitely lol X3

      But at least, at the very least. I can finally own a Mecha Musume… I just hope… it’s done lol… i mean the payments lol XD

      I gotta make sure i pay em off BEFORE i get them so i won’t forget.


  4. I was planning to pre-order this figure but decided to call it off due to its reported size… Then I saw this post and read that they changed most of its size…

    How tall should she be now? Hahaha! Thanks!


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