Jakarta 8th Toy and Comic Fair – 2012

Ah this is the surprise i said for the girls, i secretly took 3 of them with me. But to my disappointment and of course the girls too… I can’t bring them out due to the density and the crowd of the place… Add to that, Annelotte, Meiya and Mio was pissed as hell too because people kept asking if they’re available… Which they all replied “NO” and not just once or twice too… So they just hid inside my arm bag… poking out through the opening to see what’s going on…

8th Toy and Comic Fair

8th Toy and Comic Fair
Custom Colored Ironman and Fewture Mazinger Z
8th Toy and Comic Fair
8th Toy and Comic Fair
Now that's impressive
8th Toy and Comic Fair
Holy sh- that Shin Musha Gundam with the horse and diorama are built from SCRATCH



6 Replies to “Jakarta 8th Toy and Comic Fair – 2012”

  1. Wow~! That’s some expo.

    Yeah, with crowded areas, I’ll leave my figures away from them.

    Recreating the Battle of Hoth from Star Wars ep. 5 with Legoes… :’)

    Your eyes will say Yes but your wallet will say NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~! XD


    1. In all honesty i didn’t loot anything. most of the content wasn’t interesting. The interesting ones were the display items from various Collector Groups and those are not for sale.

      Like i said too, Mio, Annelotte and Meiya was pissed. Everytime i bring them out people kept asking if they’re for sale… After the 2nd time they got pissed and decided to just hide in my bag peeking through the opening…


  2. ooh interesting! I always liked seeing various conventions and see how it varies from place to place. How are the prices for stuff in this con? Worth saving up and splurging there?


    1. Quite a few relics there like Figma: Rin Tohsaka and Emiya Shirou, Robot Damashi: Volkein and Dann among other things…

      I really want that Max Gokin Godannar at the auctions too though… sadly i have to leave early and miss out on it…


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