Preorders: Figma Satonaka Chie

Oh hell yes, she’s officially announced. Do i need to say more? FIGMA SATONAKA CHIE~!!!

Figma: Satonaka Chie

It’s finally here, the announcement of Persona 4’s Satonaka Chie Figma. Man i’m psyched especially when i learned that her glasses are totally removable, not a joint piece with her bangs.

Now this my friend is a really wide angle posability… seriously…

They even included the “Shadow Chie” faceplate.

And of course the gag glasses

She’ll be set to release in JUNE, for the price of ¥3000, that’s not a bad deal at all. She’s sold at Ami Ami for ¥2230

I’m getting her, period.

Oh and sorry for missing any posts these past few weeks, i’ll let the girls tell you why sometime tomorrow.


12 Replies to “Preorders: Figma Satonaka Chie”

  1. Hmm it seems like she has more of the style of the original character design. Not sure if I like her this way or not. But I’m a big persona fan so I really do want to get her.


  2. Yay! Going to pre-order my copy real soon!

    Now, with Chie and Yukiko in the figma line, I really, really hope that the rest of the main cast from P4 gets their turn as well. Especially the guys.

    And not turn out like P3, where its only Aigis and Metis (with Koromaru).


  3. Man as much as I dig Persona 4, I’m keeping my wallet shut for them since it will probably be never-ending..with the Nendoroids, Figmas, Figuart Zeros and D-Arts all waiting…I will be waiting for your review and living through them. =D


  4. I’m so busy these few days I haven’t catch up with figure news. I better go check what other preoders is announced.

    By the way, are you planning to complete Persona 4 figma series?


    1. Definitely 😀

      I’m also eagerly waiting for this week’s shipment and of course there is another thing that held me back from posting, the girls knows what, but i suppose they’re not telling you guys yet.


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