Warning: Rage Post

If you don’t like rage posts i suggest don’t read this, but if you’re curious then go ahead and read…

Rage Post

I have never been so fucking angry at something before, but this is probably one of the moments where i really do look like that tiger.

So here’s the deal, usually i preorder most of my stuff through a local distributor. And as the usual local distributor custom (and everywhere too I’m sure), first come first serve. Well in my country it’s the same, first come, first served. In fact we had it easier and more clear since the distributor specifically has a blog or a small web containing lists of names and their preorder queue and of the arriving items list…

Now let’s say all this time i’ve used Seller X. As the usual method he posted the lists of preorders and their queue number. Of course as you all know me, I’m always head first into the characters i liked. So my name is more often than not at #1 or #2…

Here’s where it gets stupid, this is not the first time that i got my items LATE, REALLY late.


I’m number #1 or at max number #3 on the list.

It turns out he has a “HIDDEN” queue reserved for his order through BLACKBERRY MESSENGER.

Now i don’t fucking mind that at all, what i fucking mind is WHY THE FUCK HE DIDN’T LIST IT CORRECTLY.

e.g.: #1 BBM Contact #2 BBM Contact and whatever

I don’t give a shit if I’m #1027 All i want is that he is being CLEAR on it by writing the correct and whole customer on the FUCKING LIST.

I don’t mind early promotions through mobile media. In fact i encourage it. But what i don’t encourage is lying through your teeth on queue numbers just to please the customers. That i do not like, AT ALL.

His answer was: “You should buy a blackberry then to receive early promotions.”

My answer was: “Are you fucking retarded? THAT is not the case, what the case is you’re not being honest with the list”

My friend ordered a Miku append and he didnt get the bonus because it was out, he was confused since on the list he’s #1

It turns out just like my case, there are hidden “unlisted” BBM orders queued up…

This is not the first time however, it has been the 4th time, and the only reason i stood up with him is because i still have preorders with him. Now screw all this, i don’t care if my preorders were cancelled, and i don’t fucking care if my money is not refunded.

Yes, that’s just how pissed off i am right now.

*rant done* Oh and he knows it alright, along with other customers or potential customers he might have cause i posted it on his blog, forum AND microweb.

Excerpt: “So at least now i know those lists are a piece of shit, since the hidden bbm orders aren’t listed there.”


21 Replies to “Warning: Rage Post”

  1. I totally get what you’re driving at mate. It’s all about the matter of honour and trust and once that’s gone, it’s really hard to make the buyer-seller relationship work. I’m sure we rather pay a few more dollars to get something if the seller is honest and deals with you properly time and time again.

    The reply about getting a Blackberry is crap and shows he doesn’t care enough to resolve this issue..I mean what kind of response is that to a loyal customer eh? However if you are cancelling the pre-orders, try to get your money back, since people like him isn’t worth dumping your money on. =3 Go bro!!


  2. Oh man, that sucks. His reply to you about getting a BB is the worst reply a seller could ever give. He doesn’t even have the decency to be polite and patient in answering questions. Gee.


    1. He has that “you all need me, i don’t need you” kind of attitude.

      Well until the sun can somehow be monopolized i don’t see any justification for a seller to have such attitude that – .-)


  3. A hidden BB p.o queue… That’s a very, very, VERY under-handed business ethics.

    Best course of action: let other customer know about and then let the snowball roll and becomes an avalanche.

    Telling to get a BB just because the seller is using it… that’s a bloody dafuq’ed idea.


  4. Luckily enough for me I never had any problems. I usually keep to places like AmiAmi and Hobby Search to buy new stuff so no middleman involved. Even when I bought stuff from personal sales on MFC and ebay things turned out ok on my end.

    What bothers me the most for sure is the loss of trust, would be enough to not buy anything from him in the future.


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