When The Girls Got Angry

So i was walking over my table after work and surprisingly of all people, Aldra was there…

When The Girls Got Angry

When The Girls Got Angry

When The Girls Got Angry

When The Girls Got Angry

When The Girls Got Angry

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20 Replies to “When The Girls Got Angry”

  1. Don’t ignore the Queen’s Blade Girls! They’ll be like bruce banner

    “Please don’t make us angry, you wouldn’t like us when were angry.”

    Don’t want to make Annolette Angry for sure!


    1. My first multi page comic, 42 shots taken, spanning 4 pages with 20 panels o wo)/

      And thanks, they’re my gems… Too bad they thought otherwise earlier…

      But hey all ends well and annelotte even posed for extra shots πŸ˜€

      And i dare not say what will happen if your haruhi and aya was there 😐

      although it might be fun


  2. Ah pages, I almost missed it. I was wondering why the comic was so short this time haha.

    It must be hard to give all your girls attention, especially when you have a lot of them.

    I recently ordered Annelotte, looking forward to taking some sexy shots haha.


    1. New generation Revo QB:Rebellions are somewhat … chubby when posed standing or… any other standard poses…

      But like Annelotte just proved on page 4, their sexiness shines once you pose them around in actual dynamic lifelike poses.

      That’s why I’m gonna get Siggy and Alice Boost ver. ^ __^)


  3. Out of the 3 QB girls you have there, I only got Aldra.

    She cost me a pretty penny, but I like the figure a lot! My first revoltech as well, and never regretted it.

    Anyway, they should show up more often in your comics. ^_^


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