The Little Things

Well today i went to a miniature shop downtown called Little Things and Mini Mania. They’re selling… mini… things… how small? Well I called rider over to store a crate of colas for stock.

The Little Things

The Little Things

The Little Things

The Little Things

The Little Things

This is somewhat a new revelation for me, because I’ve been looking around for a 1:12-ish items like glasses, plates, foods, etc. It turns out there are not one but TWO stores near my place that sells them, all ranging from 1:64 to 1:8 scale. It’s amazing, i mean it’s like walking into the strip bar of your dreams and get free lapdances. Ok maybe that’s not the correct analogy but you get the idea~!

But i don’t want ti impulsively buy everything on the first shot so i tried my hand at this 1:12 crate of coca colas. And whadaya know, the size mismatch ratio is really really thin.

I think I’m going to visit them again sometime next week, buying more items that could be useful for the girls. I’m so fixated on the 1:12 leather sofa… and yes it’s genuine leather >_<

Despite it’s scale and detail on some of those items, the most expensive ones are about $90 and that’s for A WHOLE SET. A set can consist of many items and i mean even down to the little stuffs like the school chairs, school blackboard, the damn CHALK, board erasers, etc.

I’m going to visit them again next week for some other stuffs ^ 3^)/


13 Replies to “The Little Things”

  1. You, my friend, just hit every figure owners dream. To find a store that sells items for figures. You’re soooooooo lucky… T_T

    *ahem* got a little distracted, eh? 😉 *nudge-nudge, wink-wink*

    psst, here’s a little secret: I got two (or was three) “distractions”. 😉


  2. Oh that is pretty cool, I’m always on the look for stuff around 1/12 scale for my figmas and what not.

    I found some need stuff like a TV and also some cola cans but I would love more stuff for sure.


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