Review: Figma BRS 2035 – Game Ver.

Welcome to another review from me, and this time I’m asking Meiya’s help for it. Helps her practice to be a little less uptight… So here we go, the review of the game version of Blac Rock Shooter, a.k.a. BRS 2035.

Review Figma BRS 2035

Review Figma BRS 2035

Review Figma BRS 2035

AS you can see, the box itself is the same size as the original OVA version of black rock shooter. Her accessories are also somewhat more or less the same but we’ll get there. But let’s see, is she as fun as the box art shows? Let’s take a look at what she comes with.

Review Figma BRS 2035

She comes with:

  • 1 Alternate faceplate
  • 5 pair of extra hands, 3 pairs with wrist hinges, 2 pairs without wrist hinges
  • 1 extra front hairpiece
  • 1 Rock Cannon
  • 1 Black Sword
  • 2 Figma Stand Sets
  • 1 Plastic parts bag

Considering that she comes with 2 types of hands, 3 pairs with wrist hinges one and 2 pairs without. It’s obvious that the ones without are to hold the cannon and sword, making it safer that in some situations extended usage may snap the small hinged pegs. She also comes with only one extra faceplate whereas the ova version comes with two, this is somewhat a let down but not by much. Also she doesn’t come with the chains like the ova version has. That’s just an added extra for the ova version, so not getting it in the game version isn’t a deal breaker.

Review Figma BRS 2035

Yep she’s quite short, at least compared to Meiya. But what about compared to the ova version… watch out for my comics as you might catch the difference… if there is any…

Review Figma BRS 2035

The hair… it has the same joint as the ova version, HOWEVER it is more exposed this time. Some people might find that butt ugly as hell, but i’ve played with it and with such exposed joints her twin tails can move to an even wider degree than that of the ova version. In this pic i actually “merged” them together to look like a singular ponytail.

Review Figma BRS 2035

Now, her body detail is just amazing… see those black marks? Those aren’t just marks, those are barcodes and they’re actually really detailed that you can even make out its number.

The dog tag is also an amazing touch, detailed without any paint bleeding as far as i can see.

Now her thigh… her thigh is prone to paint transfer so watch out, her pale thigh does have a really wide clearance and a special little feature i always liked, we’ll get that later. But also because her thigh is that pale when she bends it 90* it does sometimes hit the black of her shorts, causing paint transfer if you’re not careful…

Her shoes are luckily made of soft pvc/abs so don’t worry about accidentally snapping it, you’d be a real goofball if you actually did since it’s made of soft pvc/abs plastic.

Review Figma BRS 2035

Ah yes her wings… where as the ova version has her coat longer, the game version has it shorter but with wings added. As you can see the joints are also exposed, this is like her ponytail joints. It allows her wings to have a seriously large clearance, larger than those shown on the box art… wanna see?

Review Figma BRS 2035

Yep, it’s THAT high… and do note that i literally have no problem turning it that much. But do be careful as it has a lot of shapes that can hit her coat or hair. But once set up, those wings can spread really wide and high.

Review Figma BRS 2035

Now her rock cannon is somewhat different than the ova version, now sporting a blade at the tip like a bayonet and also if you look closely, it’s not gloosy to give that metal-ish look of the ova version. Instead it’s matte, giving the impression of a beaten, worn out but still dangerous weapon.

Review Figma BRS 2035

Now her sword on the other hand… are also matte coated… which makes me think… Is that sword made of stone or rock or something? Because i thought blades are mostly made of metal…

One thing for sure, it’s bland… not as “detailed” like the ova version…

Review Figma BRS 2035

Ah here you go, to hold the rock cannon, it’s best to use the unhinged hands given with the plastic bag that contains the stand set. The unhinged hands are not provided with the figma hand rack, as to why it doesn’t i have no idea…

Review Figma BRS 2035

Here’s that little thing i told you about. Her legs have pivot joints, meaning you can twist her thigh for various angles. This gives you a lot more pose options just like the one I’ve demonstrated here… This is a small and minor feature but one i like most as i like figmas that can actually SIT on the floor…

So there you have it, my review of BRS 2035. I personally like her for her wings and amazing clearance, also… she has… a… i dunno a look i suppose that seemed more mature than that of the ova BRS… add to that she has an amazing hair and wings clearance, and can actually sit on the floor… She is a 50-50 bet for BRS fans or Figma fans alike…

My only gripe is the finishing they gave her… to much matte and i think there are some parts of her that either isn’t coated or forgot to be coated, but i recoated it anyway with a matte top. I would love to use a glossy top coat but somehow it would made her “out of character”


18 Replies to “Review: Figma BRS 2035 – Game Ver.”

  1. Oho. So now you have… both BRS, the OVA and the game. Wouldn’t that be… confusing in terms of identity? O_o

    Then again, Dead-chan and the rest would more… happy. =D

    I oft hear about people complain about expose joints, but hey, its a trade-off between form and function, so deal with it.

    Not many figma I know of can actually sit on the floor.


  2. BRS 2035 does look more mature for her face and she has a funkier look with the wings on eh. Ahaha I think if you had BRS OVA, this is a confirmed purchase..? I think MaxFactory really makes the effort to produce BRS series Figmas and you can tell from the quality and paintjobs. =3


  3. This BRS is nice. If you didn’t get a chance to get the OVA you definitely should get it but for me, I already have the OVA version of figma so i’m passing this one. Sure it looks cooler but the parts is almost the same except for those sharp looking wings and shit 😛 And you don’t get a DVD of the OVA right? Because the previous one you got it for free without any extra charges.


  4. Hi, I am wondering if you could post a picture of the wing joints, unattached to BRS. I received this figma from Hobby Search a few days ago, but noticed her right wing joint wasn’t as flexible as the left wing’s. For example, I can’t pose her right wing as you’ve done in the bottom right pic here:
    I’ve already emailed HS about it, but I would be very grateful to see how the joints look like on other people’s figma to confirm if I really do have a defective part.


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