PreReleases: Creative Evolution Action Joint – Ignis

But damn this news is an awesome revelation for me. Because i just knew that Yamato, yep that same Yamato known for its PVC releases, are planning an articulated project. Known as the Creative Evolution Action Joint… and Ignis has spawned…

Cerberus Project x Yamato - Ignis

Seriously, I’ve known Yamato as quite the established PVC manufacturer, so hearing they’ve teamed up to make a “hybrid” PVC x Articulated figure was a huge boner… >_< I mean come on, check THIS out…

Cerberus Project x Yamato - Ignis

Cerberus Project x Yamato - Ignis

Cerberus Project x Yamato - Ignis

Cerberus Project x Yamato - Ignis

She is 22cm of pure sexy and detailed goodness, bigger than your standard revoltech or figma. Since figmas and revos are 1:12 scale, this line is scaled about 1/8

She is set on a retail price of Y8,800 and will be released on June 2012, you can get her on Ami Ami for a reduced price of Y7,760

God damnit this year I’m trolled hard >_< Not to mention that Yoko and Rei from this line are coming too… check em out…

I’m going to see how my Ignis is when she arrives… If she’s THAT awesome, well… Yamato, you got yourself a new believer… cause i’m gonna get yoko, rei and asuka T ^T

And i can feel my wallet is about to set itself on fire soon.


12 Replies to “PreReleases: Creative Evolution Action Joint – Ignis”

  1. As much as I wanted to get but… the asking price and scale is a turn off for me… orz

    Then again, she’s a gunpla Perfect Grade size which is also 22 ~ 30cm.

    p.s. Revoltech Fraulein are 1/10 and QB are 1/12-ish.


    1. I’m going to see how Ignis turns out first, after that and the review, if she strikes my heart dead then i would have to drop one of my current lines.

      Current Lines
      Revoltech QB

      I would probably drop the revo QB if this CEAJ project by Cerberus and Yamato nails the coffin.


  2. Great! Another figure line >_<! but such timing. . . . . I was planning on getting my 1st scale figure, now I'm having second thoughts, lets just see how things go on for now 😀


    1. Once she arrives i’ll be sure to review her promptly and thoroughly…

      As Yamato® and Cerberus Project™ claims it’s a hybrid of Action Figure and PVC Static Scale Figure. They boast of how it’s detailed like a static scale figure but with a solid articulation.

      Once she arrives i’ll treat her as both, showing poses like an action figure and various angle shots like a pvc static scale figure

      I think I’m going to need help from more than 1 girl though…


  3. holy crap hahaha. Man you’re getting poisoned non-stop mate. Wahahaha. Ignis looks really good but at that kind of price, it’s like a luxury action-figure, maybe along the line of Alter Kos-Mos?

    From the promo pics her proportions and everything look real fine but I’m just concerned about the stand. It seems to inherit the same problems long-haired Figmas have with the stand..hmm =3


    1. yamato claims that this is a true hybrid figure, but i’m worried, howabout non stand poses? Is it balanced?

      Also i noticed the CEAJ uses the same joint system as Yamato’s Fashion Doll line the VMF50


  4. Look amazing in the visual novel and even more stunning as a figurine. Sadly after I get done with the commercial holiday from hell and candy (Valentines Day) my wallet is tapped out for the next two months XD


    1. let’s wait till mine arrived and I’ll review it thoroughly since this is the first new product of a new line that I’ve ordered.

      Pose like an action figure and lots of angles like a pvc…

      Mohammed Ali…



  5. This is EXACTLY what I’ve always wanted, a poseable figure with PVC-statue details that’s larger than the 6″ Revoltech/Figma figures. I hope this does really well and they expand the line. Ignis is still available for preorder everywhere though, even on amiami. Hope they’re just going by preorders before starting production.

    Yoko will be an instant buy and if they ever mass produce Selvaria I just hope I catch it before it’s sold out within a minute.


    1. Her sculpt is based on an already existing Yamato static figure, so i guess the reason why people haven’t got her yet is because they already have the static figures.

      Now Yoko on the other hand…


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