What Kind of Person Are You?

So, anyway i called Meiya over from the cabinet because i’m curious about something. I’m just gonna ask her straight out.

What Kind of Person Are You?

What Kind of Person Are You?

What Kind of Person Are You?

What Kind of Person Are You?

After hearing her say it, it made me think. What kind of person or what kind of collector am I?

It made me think, well actually not out of the blue but because posts like this, this or this one. It made me consider that besides the anime niche, such musings and matters of the mind does exists between collector and figure bloggers. Which raise the question what kind of person are you?

In relation to that question, people have different styles and preferences when it comes to collecting, from real cars to miniature small replica cars. From the 1:3 scaled fashion doll to 1:26 dolls. We are collectors, we’re all the same but even then there are still differences. So here’s my take on the different kinds of collectors.

The Investor; as i like to call it, are collectors that collects to invest. In simple they collect action figures hoping that sometime in the future if the price increases they would sell it again. These kinds of collectors usually keep their figures sealed in their boxes and maintain them in mint condition, from making sure no stains and discoloration happens to cleaning the box regularly to keeping it in a well conditioned area. They are mostly neat freaks as they make sure their investment will (and in the figure realm it usually does) bear fruit as its price increases.

The Prospector; is somewhat half of the investor. They usually think their collection are investments but not making it the main ingredient of why they collect. They enjoy the process of it, not just the end result. They actually enjoy owning them, putting them on display or taking them to gatherings or just taking pictures of them, they also take great care of them because they know one day it will be worth a lot and THEN they will sell it.

The Perfectionist; ah… this is where it gets harsh. They’re perfectionists  not only on the condition of their figures that are well kept in a conditioned atmosphere or space, but also in the figure itself. They don’t feel right until everything is perfect and i mean EVERYTHING. Which means once they touch one figure, they will get the rest of their series or line. They’re careful planners, they won’t get things that they cannot complete, but once they get one figure (for instance Aya Kagura of the SE-Kirara line) they will try their hardest to complete it.

The Sage; these guys aren’t just collectors, they’re character lovers. They know the character which the figure is based off inside and outside. They only collect the figures they know, sometimes they don’t even like em. But because they know them, they want them. They will make sure the characters they love are extra cared for, while sometimes the character they don’t are treated normally.

The Soul Sister/Brother; now these guys are what most people call the eccentric ones of the pack. They don’t just collect figures, they consider them a part of their lives. Some took it to the extreme and make it their WHOLE lives. These people are usually comprised of two subsets, one being the one that consider figures are part of their lives and make them a catalyst for self management and improvements, the second one being the extreme ones who would gladly stop eating 3 times a day just to get a figure. These extremists are mostly comprised of financially powerful people, while the minority might be your standard folks. And don’t start of how these extremists care for their figures, they would and probably already have built a shrine for their figures in their houses.

The Life Bringer; now these guys are rather unique, they’re a mixture of The Soul Sister/Brother and The Sage, but with an added punch of being a photographer. They love figure photography and try their hardest to make that figure alive by framing them in wonderful lifelike shots, and or making comics on them. They sometimes depict their figures like a live being and with their vast imagination and photography skills.

The Bieber Fans; wait what? Bieber fans? They can’t tell a good song from a bad one even if they tried and all they do is tagging along the trend without thinking twice… Well, news flash… Such people does exist in the collecting world… they just collect to “tag along” without any reasonable purpose. Either to join a certain community or just for the heck of it… Usually because of the lack of purpose they seldom treat their collection very… very poorly… ever seen a kid asked his rich mom to buy a saber extra and lily figure then play them around bashing them together like it’s some sort of $10 cheap plastic action toy? I’ve seen it, in a toy convention once, and forever that scene will scar my mind till i die…

So… what kind of person are you?


21 Replies to “What Kind of Person Are You?”

  1. From the list I can safely say I’m the Life-Bringer type.
    I think the number of stories I’ve done is a testament to that. *smug*

    p.s. I don’t see the Professor type from the list.

    p.s.s Bieber-types? Ptft~! Let me get my ER-PPC (Extended Range Particle Projection Cannon) then.


    1. Ditto, same here. *bro-fist*

      ps. It was the sage, the professor was the original name i came with. But the professor makes it seem too technical XD

      pss. Please for the faith in humanity do it~! T^T


  2. I seriously don’t know what type I am. I’m thinking none above since I only collect figures of characters I like (in a way it saves me a lot of money), the figure must look good (from pictures anyway), never thought of selling them, hardly take photographs of my figures unless it’s for the blog, it’s always display on shelf, will be dusted from time to time and only view figure collection as a hobby.


    1. Then i think you fall into the Sage category since that is your main reason of getting the figure, because you know them. Sometimes you might end up not quite satisfied with them but since you know the character you bought them, right?


  3. I tend to buy figures of only characters I like, rarely do I buy a figure without knowing the character. If I don’t I make sure to find out about them by consuming their source material. I suppose I do give them some life, I do use my figures to act on an idea that I have, I have roles for them to play.


    1. then i dub you, life bringer sage~!



      but true all the classifications i made are not set on stone. They’re just the common route most people took. Sometimes people are comprised of two or more traits.


  4. wow really interesting post there! Introspective and a great read. If I got to say, I should be a prospector usually with some hints of soul brother and sage to life-bringer. I got to say though..most collectors will end up being life-bringers in the end won’t they? Like a natural progression.

    anyways LOL at the Bieber fans! =3


    1. yep most collectors usually evolve into life bringers someday, usually with the right atmoshpere and community.

      Trust me that 10 minute view of that kid in the toy fair was like 10 decades of torture in hell…


  5. I’M THE BIEBER FANS. ROFL! I’m actually Sage. I collect the character I like but sometimes if I like an anime that much i’ll collect the whole series. Some to mention K-ON, Bakemonogatari, BRS and next would probably be Persona 4


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