Review: Figma Mitsurugi Meiya

So, I’m going to surprise Sumika by calling her over for help with a review. But i won’t tell her who… Let’s get this started, the review of Figma Mitsurugi Meiya~!

Review Figma Mitsurugi Meiya

Review Figma Mitsurugi Meiya

Ladies and gentlemen, i give you MITSURUGI MEIYA~! After a gruesome auction battle i finally got her, delivered quickly too… So let’s take a look shall we?

Review Figma Mitsurugi Meiya

Here’s the frontside of the box, being an auctioned second-hand item (since all mint and new items i’ve seen are fakes or the seller have credibility issues) I’m quite pleased, the person before me must’ve kept the box in tip top shape.

Review Figma Mitsurugi Meiya

And here’s the backside of the box showing her accessory and some sample poses along with a picture of the extra faceplate. Like i said, for a second-hand item, her box is very well taken care of.

Review Figma Mitsurugi Meiya

And here’s her inner blister, yes ladies and gentlemen that is a long katana… and that is the only accessory she comes with, along with 6 extra hands and an extra faceplate. Much like Sumika here, her accessory count is… minimal. But let’s see if things can turn around once she’s awake.

Review Figma Mitsurugi Meiya

Review Figma Mitsurugi Meiya

I … don’t know what to say… I suppose her previous caretaker was somewhat an authoritarian… She seems somewhat stiff… i mean personality wise. And from what i heard earlier her previous caretaker must be called sky… oh well… I just need her to adapt to my place since she is the first figma i’ve ever bought second-hand. Even if it was through an auction.

But facial expression wise she is stern, and strict looking, maybe somewhat stiff but the detail on her facial expression is amazing… it matches her whole attire… i find that quite charming actually…

Review Figma Mitsurugi Meiya

Now at a glance, i can say this, she is as detailed and well sculpted as Sumika. Even though she’s an old release considering her being the 40th Figma released. Her ponytail is also amazing, the gradients and the hues really fits her, the hues you see are not from my lights, but her natural painted hues.

She comes with a rather hindrance though, her ribbon… it’s tricky to maneuver for poses but still manageable. We’ll get there later.

Review Figma Mitsurugi Meiya

Ah, here we go as you can see her structure is similar to Sumika, or should i say Sumika is similar to her. So the degree of posability is ALMOST the same. Why almost?

Because her boots… yes… those boots are bulky. It has a plus point of having more grounding but a minus point for restricted clearance. But her boots are really and i mean REALLY detailed… the linings, everything was detailed.

Ah yes here we are to her ribbon, it’s long it’s almost annoying but luckily its on a swivel peg meaning it can be twisted around to give clearance for poses. Also her ponytail is jointed too, giving you extra clearance when needed or to just add some pose dynamics.

Do note however, that because of the shape of her gloves, her hand movements are also quite, limited. It can move around but not by much due to its shape…

All in all, her detail overall from her hair, her face and her shoes are amazing, just like Sumika, or should i say, where Sumika is based from.

Review Figma Mitsurugi Meiya

Ah yes, the only accessory she comes with. Her sword. being the only accessory it has to count for something right or it has to be really REALLY something. Well, good news, IT IS. Because it’s one long sword… add to that the sword can actually be sheathed inside the sheath. Don’t worry about paint transfer as the hole in which the sword can be inserted too is rather spacy but still has a nice grip on it preventing it to bob around once sheathed.

Review Figma Mitsurugi Meiya

Between you and me? She also has nice curves just like Sumika, or should i say, w- … ok ok I’ll stop with the “or should i say” crap… but really, she has nice curves… really…

Review Figma Mitsurugi Meiya

Well, i suppose to sum it up she is really worth it. Being an old release (#40) doesn’t mean she is less than her current predecessors. She has a nice clearance due to her wearing almost nothing but a body suit (except the gloves and boots), an amazing paintjob, and despite the lack of faceplates, her face is really detailed.

Review Figma Mitsurugi Meiya

Wait, whaddaya mean if anything goes WRONG?


9 Replies to “Review: Figma Mitsurugi Meiya”

  1. That’s one very stern lady you have there.

    Her design is some what similar to the Fraulein Yoko (which I have), a long pony tail and bulkish-looking boots. And not to forget, only item for the accessory (in Yoko’s case, her anti-material sniper rifle).

    For an earlier release, she’s very detailed with good hair gradation and small paints all over.


  2. hahaha some older Figmas are fantastic so when you get them, you kind of wonder how come current stuff ain’t as good as last time. Meiya looks rather detailed and pretty sweet overall. I really like 2nd hand stuff’s much cheaper and you don’t have the guilt of opening mint items up. =3


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