Awkward Motivation…

You know… that awkward moment when you tell someone or that someone found out your plan and then suddenly they get so excited and happy that you’d be a total douchebag if you cancelled or failed it?

Awkward Motivation

Awkward Motivation

Awkward Motivation

Awkward Motivation

Awkward Motivation



13 Replies to “Awkward Motivation…”

  1. Auction… Godspeed man… It could get bloody…

    Hmm… The last time I let them use my PC, Yoko saw that my blog get hits from searches of “Naked Yoko figure”. XD

    And boy, was she upset (and Haruhi grinning).


    1. i know… i gotta plan the snipe well… so that when the timer ends my price would be the last on the system with not a wallet-raping price…

      then again meiya is rare as f*** it’s a real oldie


  2. When will you know if you’ve won the bid? I remember bidding before but not in Yahoo! Auction. I just sit in front of my PC all day just to check if someone outbids me >.<


  3. good luck, but you know that the meiya is cheaper in davao city,philippines and we have a shop here and my friend makes custom figures if you like, he made my shade, shiro, and ghost figures from plastic,pvc,and even metal for armor so drop by if you like


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