PreRelease: Princess of The Crystal

You know one of those days when a figma was so amusing, so breathtaking you can’t help but say… “F*** this sh**, I’m getting her” Well behold~! A figma that has me surprised to a degree like none other… Figma Princess of The Crystal~!

Unique? HELL YES, It’s the lovable Princess of The Crystal from Mawaru Penguindrum fer cripes sake… Just check out what she can do~!

And guess what folks

boy are you in for a surprise…

Mind blown yet? Well you should be right about now, because her whole gown including her hat



and according to current news or at least what i read

She comes with her Penguin Underlings…

ok, shut up and take my money XD

She’ll be open for preorders by Thursday February 2nd. For Y4800

like i said, shut up and take my money ~!

source: Figma Blog


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